Instructor: Michael Casselli
8 Sessions from March to May – Every Monday starting March 20 – 7:00P to 9:00P @ Millworks
4 additional labs from March to May – Every other Saturday starting March 27 – 12:00P to 2:00P @ Millworks
($225 for 8 sessions and 4 labs. Workshop size limited to 8 people)

Sight, sound, taste, touch, smell; with these senses we navigate our physical reality, they are essential to us in the translation of our day-to-day lives. What can happen if we allow ourselves to engage these senses in order to translate ideas into the physical realm? STUFF!!!!!!!! This 8-week workshop takes an overall idea about the making of objects or experiences and imposes a material limitation: Water. Part art course, part philosophical examination, part practical application and skills development, part playground for the senses, STUFF:Water is a workshop for anyone interested in how we think about abstract concepts and translate them into the world of the tangible. Be prepared to use tools, materials and resources that may be new to you. We will be using traditional and non-traditional media, and expect everyone to take part in an ongoing discussion of how a material/process influences the communication of an idea, an in turn, affect its production when realized as an object or an experience.


About The Instructor: Michael Casselli, visual artist, performer and freelance production coordinator, majored in Visual Arts and Performance Studies at Antioch College, then earned an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Additional to his personal artistic endeavors, numerous important experimental theater artists (including Richard Forman, Ann Bogart and Reza Abdoh) engaged Casselli’s for his many skills, and he received the Bessie Award for scenic designs made for Elizabeth Streb. Most recently, he provided technical design for Songs of Ascension, a collaborative work by Meredith Monk and Ann Hamilton included in the 2009 Next Wave Festival. Casselli headed the Technical Direction Department and Production Management at Cal Arts and taught at NYU’s Steinhardt School. In 2008 he relocated to Yellow Springs, established his studio and designed the Nonstop space while also active in the Institute’s programming and governance. Michael is a Working Member of Nonstop.