Make Theatre Anywhere

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Antioch College presents a Faux-Real Theatre / Nonstop Institute Collaboration

* Instructors: Mark Greenfield and the Faux-Real Theatre Company
* Dates: 7 sessions – August 13 to 19
* Time: 6:00P to 8:00P
* Where: Antioch College Campus
* Cost: $35 (All 7 sessions) or $7 (per session)
* Contact Info: or (917) 687-4998

Antioch College presents a week-long workshop given by The Faux-Real Theatre Company in collaboration with Nonstop Institute, entitled: Make Theater Anywhere – Creating and Performing Theatre In Outdoor Spaces And Non-Traditional Venues. The workshop will be given by Mark Greenfield and members of The Faux-Real Theatre Company.

In this week-long series, workshop participants will meet nightly to explore the skills necessary to create a show from scratch and to perform it anywhere. The workshop culminates in the creation of a 15-minute show by the workshop attendees to be performed in the Antioch Amphitheater as a companion piece to The Faux-Real Theatre Company’s production of Oedipus Rex.

The workshops will begin on Friday, August 13th and meet nightly through Thursday, August 19th. Each evening workshop will be from 6:00 – 8:00 PM. Workshops can be attended on a come-when-you-can basis, but the company encourages those interested to attend the entire 7-nights (if your schedule permits). The cost of the workshops will be $35 for the entire week (paid-in-advance) or $7 for each individual night.

The workshops will be conducted on campus at Antioch College.

Topics covered will include:
o Movement and vocal techniques for the outdoor stage
o Choosing the right text for the right environment
o Breaking the fourth-wall – Direct audience address
o Paratheatrics – the symbiotic relationship between performer and environment
o Mask and Commedia dell’Arte
o Partnering and chorus work
o Freedom within a structure (group improv techniques)
o Creating and adapting stage choreography for unpredictable performing situations

The workshops are open to people of all ages and experience levels. Workshop participants will create their own short 15-minute performance over the course of the week. This 15-minute piece will be presented on the nights of August 20th, 21st and 22nd in tandem with The Faux-Real Theatre Company’s performance of Oedipus Rex.

Anyone interested in signing up for the workshops or finding out more information should contact: or call 917.687.4998