From Capture to Sharing: Navigating the Digital Image Realm

Instructor: Dennie Eagleson
Tues 1:30-3 PM @ Nonstop
Feb 2, 9, 23
($20/class or 3/$50),

Dennie Eagleson will offer a series of workshops in digital photography on Tuesday, February 2nd, 9th, and 23rd, from 1:30-3:00pm at the Nonstop Institute. The series will help both novice and experienced photographers gain familiarity with camera controls, file management, image manipulation, and sharing images in both web and print. The workshops will also focus on making photographs, and developing participant’s ability to expand both their technical facility and particular vision. The cost for the series is $20 per session, or $50 for the series. The workshop will contribute to Nonstop’s fundraising efforts to help sustain the space at Millworks.
For more information call Dennie at 937-475-5618 or e-mail at

About The Instructor: Dennie is a fine art/ documentary photographer and taught at Antioch College for sixteen years. She has created documentary work in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Sarajevo, Bosnia. Her work from Cuba has been exhibited and included in publications regionally and nationally. Affinities of Spirit, a documentary project about alternative families was featured at the Dayton Art Institute. Archeology of a Life, a project of color pinhole images made in an abandoned house, was recently published in The Elements of Photography.