Foot Clinic Workshop

Instructor: Jill Becker
Sunday, February 21
1:00P to 2:30P @ Nonstop

Dancer Jill Becker offers foot exercises, self-massage techniques, and balance exercises, to strengthen ankles and arches and improve overall foot health

Register by calling 767-2646 to reserve a spot.

About the Instructor: Jill Becker, director of Dance at Antioch College from 2001-2008, teaches through Nonstop Institute, Ohio Wesleyan University and the Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse. A recipient of the NEA Choreographer’s Fellowship and several Artists Fellowships from Community Arts Partnership (Ithaca, N.Y.), she directed Jill Becker and Dancers, Inc. in NYC from 1980 – 1986. Becker has toured extensively, including through Holland and Germany, lately presenting Portraits of Women an evening of dance celebrating contemporary and historical female figures. She holds a BA in Dance from the SUNY at Brockport, an MA in Performing Arts from The American University in Washington, D.C. She is a Working Member of Nonstop.