Conversational French II: Movies, Short Stories, & Music

Instructor: Kab Butamina
Ongoing series through out the year
Mondays (11:00A to 12:30P)
Wednesdays (10:30A to 12:00P)
Location: Methodist Church, Nehemiah Room
(Price = pass the hat)

Come join us, brush up on your French, and enjoy yourself in this little French microcosm of ours right in the middle of Yellow Springs. The present group is working at an intermediate level. Please inquire if interested in advanced or beginning French.

For information and to register, contact Kab Butamina at (937) 272-6540 or

About the Instructor: Kab Butamina is a native French speaker and a former Chemistry Professor at Antioch College. Kab’s current research interests are in the areas of AB INITIO and Semi-Empirical Quantum Mechanical calculations, as well as in African and Japanese medicinal plants.