— Recently Completed Workshops —


    This international series features 5 provocative, acclaimed, and rarely screened films produced from 1959-2006. Films by Italian Gillo Pontecorvo, American Jonathan Demme, and Nick Read (BBC, UK) are informed by the anti-colonial struggles of the 1960s—Algeria, and the 19th century Caribbean as an allegory for Vietnam; the de-humanization of prison—a WW2 concentration camp and the New Orleans Parish Prison during Katrina; and an independent radio station through decades of political strife in Haiti. The series includes both narrative and documentary genres and most of these projects represent radical departures from conventional filmmaking in chronicling revolution and contemporary social crises.
  • Dates:November to January – details
  • Place: Nonstop Institute
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    FILM – Pontecorvo’s “Queimada!/Burn!” (1969) – Workshop/Screening

  • Tuesday, November 30 @ 7pm
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    FILM – Pontecorvo’s “Kapo” (1959) – Workshop/Screening

  • Tuesday, December 7 @ 7pm
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    FILM – Demme’s “The Agronomist” (2003) – Workshop/Screening

  • Thursday, January 6 @ 7pm
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    FILM – Read’s “Prisoners of Katrina” (2006) – Workshop/Screening

  • Thursday, January 13 @ 7pm
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    All workshops will be held at Nonstop unless otherwise indicated.

    — Past Workshops —

    FILM – Pontecorvo’s “The Battle of Algiers” (1965) – Workshop/Screening

  • Tuesday, November 16 @ 7pm
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      Why (pace Nabokov) speak memory? This reading and discussion group will focus on works relating to food, travel, the mind, and war. The tone of the selections is varied, ranging from the hilarious to the somber. Discussions will center on the individual style of the authors and how the writer’s intent is conveyed – more.
  • Dates: 5-weeks (Mondays), starting Oct 18 – details
  • Place: Nonstop
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      This is a workshop seminar examining the interplay between abstraction and representation in 20th century American Art. Workshop participants will together visit both the Dayton Art Institute (twice) and the Springfield Museum to address contemporary work directly – more.
  • Dates: 4-weeks (one Friday, 3 Saturdays) starting Oct 8 – details
  • Place: Nonstop, Dayton Art Institute, Springfield Art Museum
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      Sculptor and mixed media artist Michael Casselli presents a workshop in STUFF! mixing elements of a visual arts workshop with a playful investigation into ideas and observations about the nature of WATER. Each participant will develop a project around the element water, and workshop time will be spent talking about this subject and learning techniques that will allow us to manipulate and shape this complex and versatile material – more.
  • Dates: 6-weeks (Mondays & Saturdays) starting Oct 18 – details
  • Place:Nonstop and Michael Casselli’s studio (also at Millworks)
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    THEATER – Make Theatre Anywhere – with Mark Greenfield and the Faux-Theater Company

      Antioch College presents a week-long workshop given by The Faux-Real Theatre Company in collaboration with Nonstop Institute, entitled: Make Theater Anywhere – Creating and Performing Theatre In Outdoor Spaces And Non-Traditional Venues.
    • Dates: 7 sessions – August 13 to August 19
    • Time: 6:00P to 8:00P
    • Where: Antioch College Campus
    • Cost: $35 (All 7 sessions) or $7 (per session)


    FILM – Workshop in Revolutionary Film – with Bob Devine

      This workshop will examine narrative films that are oppositional in (a) production circumstance, (b) form, (c) content, or (d) circumstance of reception. Each film will be screened, with discussions of the historical and cultural context of the films, in order to discern patterns across cultures that might be considered revolutionary. Selected films from Russia, the U.S., Algeria, Cuba, Senegal and Zimbabwe will be screened and discussed. The six screenings in this workshop can be attended individually or as a series.
  • When: Every Monday from July 19 to August 23 – 7:00P
  • Where: Nonstop Institute, 305 N. Walnut, Yellow Springs
  • Cost: Pay as you are able
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    EXERCISE – Foot Clinic Workshop – with Jill Becker

      A workshop about foot care, comfort and exercises to keep your feet happy led by Dancer Jill Becker. Among other things the workshop will teach participants how to perform self-massage techniques, balance exercises, and how to strengthen ankles and arches in order to improve overall foot health.

    • When: July 15 – Thursday – 5:00P to 6:30P
    • Where: Nonstop Institute, 305 N. Walnut, Yellow Springs
    • Cost: $20 – buy tickets online now

    FILM – Workshop in African-American Film – with Bob Devine

      Screening and discussion of important but difficult to access narrative films by African-American directors (1920s-present) including Oscar Micheaux, Spencer Williams, Bill Gunn, Charles Burnett, Julie Dash, Cheryl Dunye.
      6 Sessions in March & April – Every other Wednesday starting March 10 – 7:00P

    THEATER – The Force of the Face: Mask-Making Workshop– with Louise Smith

      The face we wear throughout life is both indelible and plastic. Our face betrays that we are both the same and changed with time. We will create life masks and then work to transform them to reveal how we experience ourselves internally.
      6 Sessions in March & April – Every Saturday, March 6 to April 10 – 2:00P to 4:00P
      ($50 for 6 Sessions)

    INTERDISCIPLINARY – Stuff:Water – with Michael Casselli

      Part art course, part philosophical examination, part skill development, part playground for the senses, this workshop will take abstract concepts and translate them in the tangible world as an object or experience, offering an opportunity to use a range of tools, materials, resources.
      8 Sessions from March to May – Every Monday starting March 22 – 7:00P to 9:00P
      4 additional labs from March to May – Every other Saturday starting March 27 – 12:00P to 2:00P
      ($225 for 8 sessions and 4 labs. Workshop size limited to 8 people)

    PHOTO – From Capture to Sharing:Navigating the Digital Image Realm – with Dennie Eagleson

      This series will help both novice and experienced photographers gain familiarity with camera controls, file management, image manipulation, and sharing images in both web and print.
      3 Sessions in February: Tuesdays – 2/2, 2/9, 2/23 – 1:30P to 3:00P
      ($20/class or 3/$50)

    EXERCISE – Foot Clinic Workshop – with Jill Becker

      Dancer Jill Becker offers foot exercises, self-massage techniques, and balance exercises, to strengthen ankles and arches and improve overall foot health
      1 Session – February 21 – Sunday – 1:00P to 2:30P

    MOVEMENT – The Fluid Core – with Jill Becker

      Exercises and movement that work deep connections in the body to enhance freedom of movement, sense of groundedness, and overall well-being.
      20 Sessions from January to May – Every Friday – 12:00P to 1:00P
      ($10/class)(Presbyterian Church)

    DANCE – Modern Dance – with Jill Becker

      Begin with floor exercises to stretch and strengthen middle body; progress to traveling dance movement phrases; atmosphere is playful, relaxed.
      20 Sessions from January to May – Every Saturday – 10:00A to 11:00A
      ($10/class)(Presbyterian Church)

    LANGUAGE – Conversational French II: Movies, Short Stories, & Music – with Kab Butamina

      Come join us, brush up on your French, and enjoy yourself in this little French microcosm of ours right in the middle of Yellow Springs. The present group is working at an intermediate level. Please inquire if interested in advanced or beginning French; – Ongoing with sessions every week.
      Mondays (11:00A to 12:30P) – Wednesdays (10:30A to 12:00P)
      Location: Methodist Church, Nehemiah Room
      (Price = pass the hat)