Update on Progress of Task Force Moves Towards an Independent Antioch College

Oct 15th, 2008

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On Monday, October 13, 2008, the Task Force charged with developing a plan for an independent Antioch College met in New York City with Antioch University Board of Trustee Chair, Art Zucker,’55 and Chancellor Toni Murdock. The purpose of this meeting was to brief the Chair and Chancellor on the work of the Task Force over the past three months, and to elicit their thinking on the strategies being considered by the Task Force.

According to Richard Detweiler, president of the Great Lakes Colleges Association and mediator/chair of the Task Force, “The meeting was positive and constructive, and we made significant progress toward formalizing a resolution. It is clear that everyone sitting around the table shares the commitment to the creation of an independent college, and that the only question is the optimal route forward, particularly in these financially turbulent times.”

The Task Force is continuing its work in the coming weeks, refining the approaches it has been developing based on the meeting’s discussions.

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