The Spook Who Sat by the Door (1973) by Ivan Dixon

Oct 18th, 2011

African-American Representation in Feature Films Series

Thursday, October 20
7:00 PM
Nonstop Institute
305 N. Walnut St., Yellow Springs

From a 1966 novel by Sam Greenlee, the director Ivan Dixon sold The Spook Who Sat by the Door as a Blaxploitation shoot-em-up, masking the theme of urban-based warfare for African American liberation in urban communities. Upon release it provoked violent reaction in some parts of white America, and the FBI pressured the distributor to destroy all copies. The film was a bootleg classic in the African American community for years, but didn’t officially exist until it was digitally restored from the original camera negative, hidden in a Hollywood vault, in 2004.

About The African-American Representation in Feature Films series and workshop screenings on Thursdays at Nonstop October-November, 2011: Starting in mid-October and continuing every Thursday through November 3, Bob Devine will introduce screenings of a series of important and sometimes difficult-to-access narrative films dealing with African-American representation by African-American directors and by Hollywood (1964-1989). Future screenings include works by Haile Gerima, Charles Burnett, and Spike Lee. People are encouraged to attend these screenings/workshop discussions as a series, or to attend the individual screenings of specific films. To register for the workshop call 937-232-9906, or come to Nonstop the night of the film.

About the instructor: Bob Devine was one of the founding members of Antioch College’s critical Communications program, has been teaching courses in media and social change, film and communications theory for 40 years, and has been actively involved in the fields of community media, public access and participatory democratic media outside the academy. In 2005 Bob served as Interim Executive Director of Manhattan Neighborhood Network, and in 2008 he served an extended term as an Executive Consultant for O‘lelo Community Media in Honolulu, these organizations being the two largest community media centers in the country. At Antioch, Bob served as President of the College from 1996-2001, while continuing to teach in the field of communication and community media; most recently Bob taught courses and independent studies for Nonstop. Bob is the 1994 recipient of the Alliance for Community Media’s George Stoney Award, recognizing his national contributions to the field of community media, and the 2002 recipient of the Antioch College Alumni Association’s J.D. Dawson Award recognizing his contributions to the College. Bob is also the director of several dozen documentaries.

For further information contact: Bob Devine, 767-232-9906