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Oct 1st, 2008

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This week in The Record:

Alum Lichtig Wins Goshen Peace Play Contest 2008
Robin Rice Lichtig, Antioch College alum (59-63) and accomplished playwright, placed in the top three in the Goshen Peace Play Contest 2008 this summer for her one act play, “Blood Sisters.”…

Crossroads by Louise Smith
This is a time of major decisions with major consequences. On the global level, we have choices about how we live on the planet and with each other. On the national level, we are faced with with either choosing to make history or suck up more of the same. Locally, our village is facing changes and choices on major issues…

Nonstop Independent Groups & Community Centers
The Womyn’s Center, Interfaith Dialog, and The Queer Center get started this semester…

Nonstop Comics: Dear Baby Willikins
by Vivian Ivy & Robert Book