The New Nonstop Library

Apr 19th, 2009

4,000 Books And Publications Find Home In The New Nonstop Library

Volunteer farmers, academics, and townspeople rallied to the cause to rescue 4,000 books and publications—discarded or left behind at the abandoned Antioch College Campus when Antioch University closed the school last July—until they could be safely housed in the Nonstop Library, in its newly constructed Headquarters.

A professional librarian guided the cataloging of the libraries. An alum (’64) drove across the country from Oregon to Yellow Springs—where she lived for two months—joined Nonstop students and staff to help organize the collection, while volunteer alumni, villagers, and Nonstop personnel painted the floors, built shelves, installed lighting, and donated computers and furniture. (This was an effort similar to the substantially volunteer campaign to renovate Nonstop’s 5,000 square-foot Headquarters: at a cost of $10 per square-foot, as opposed to the typical renovation cost of $100 per square-foot).

To make the books and publications accessible, Nonstop’s IT department installed an open source online checkout system and network, driven by a brand new $8,000 server, donated to Nonstop by an Antioch College alum.

This scalable library infrastructure—complete with protocols, bar codes, and database integration—sets a framework for an expandable knowledge base and future integration with an independent Antioch College.

These volunteer efforts by alumni, faculty and friends reflect the in-kind endowment of our grassroots effort to protect the past and preserve the present as we build our future.

Please visit the Nonstop Library on-line and watch a 4-minute video about this extraordinary liberal arts intervention.

Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute
April 19, 2009