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The Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute is in jeopardy, and we need your support now more than ever. We need to raise enough money to see the project through to the end of the current semester in June. The shortfall that we are experiencing is due to a variety of factors. Nonstop has actually stayed under its budget. However, due to the constantly changing terrain we are dealing with in the struggle to reopen the college, funding for individual aspects of this effort fluctuates.

Why is it important to keep Nonstop going? On March 7, 2009, The Antioch College Alumni Association reaffirmed Nonstop’s “important role in our movement to develop an independent Antioch College,” along with the Board Pro Tem and the Alumni Board itself. Nonstop means that we will have a small but crucial student body in Yellow Springs when it is time to reopen the college. This is essential for recruiting brand-new students to a reopened Antioch and it will also be essential to our ability to offer a well-rounded and viable community for those new students. Nonstop keeps our talented and committed faculty from migrating to other institutions. Those faculty have already weathered an incredible storm, and will be willing collaborators in the turbulent start the new college will surely face.

Nonstop is a bridge to a new and independent college. We hope that you’ll consider making a donation today. Thank you for you support.
Please send checks payable to “Nonstop Institute” to:

Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute
305 N. Walnut St. Suite C
Yellow Springs, OH 45387

For more information, please call us at: 937.319.4440.

A Letter from Alum Chad Johnston:

Dear alums and supporters,

My name is Chad Johnston and I am an alum of ’01 and a Community Manager of ’01-02. I was a very nontraditional student who always sought out alternatives to conventional education. Antioch was the only college I applied to and I cannot tell you how influential Antioch was to my life and my career.

I was able to go to Nonstop to talk about my current work in media reform, social justice and media policy. I knew from a distance why the committed employees and supporters of Nonstop were so important to the future of the College. However, I did not realize how deep the spirit of these brilliant people ran until I was able to be with them.

I realized in theory how Nonstop was the DNA of the institution, but until I was there to hear and see the students, faculty and staff in action, I did not realize how in practice this was so very true. The people of Nonstop are beyond courageous, and exemplify what an Antioch education means when taking subjects beyond the confines of the academy, and into action. Without this DNA, a new Antioch will be just as those in the University wanted it to be: safe, marketable, and without real value except in respect to the bottom line.

I run a nonprofit and understand on a day to day basis how this economy has effected our ability to do good work. I also understand that when times are tough, it is up to supporters to engage even more. I was speaking with a board member of a foundation the other day. I told them that we were expecting foundations to tighten their belt. He told me, “if there was a time foundations and supporters should be stepping up even more, now is the time and it will happen.”

My nonprofit is small. We have an annual budget of about $170,000 a year. I do not make a ton of money by any stretch of the imagination. However, after seeing Nonstop in person, and after hearing much of the conversations over the last couple of days about them being left in the cold, I have decided that I must do something.

I will contribute $100 a month just to support Nonstop, which is roughly %3 of my salary before taxes. Duffy called me the other day and told me he had given his entire paycheck back to the Revival Fund and Nonstop. If Duffy can make that kind of sacrifice, so can you. If Nonstop employees, who are risking their livelihoods for the sake of saving Antioch College, are giving back part of their paychecks, you can too. By supporting Nonstop, we also send an important message to the “powers that be” that we are in full support of Nonstop being an integral part of the new college, its values and its future. If we can raise millions of dollars for a new College, but not support those who have kept the institution alive and have literally put their ideals and lives on the line, then what have we really done?

I am a change agent and a social justice advocate because of Antioch College, and I need it to survive. We need it to survive. In my opinion, Nonstop is the lifeline to assure that Antioch College, in its new form, carries on the values which have made me who I am, and I’d bet, who you are as well. I am ashamed to die until some victory for humanity is won by my actions. I am committed to living life without dead time. I am a life learner, a risk taker, and an activist who will fight for justice until I have no breath left to give this world. That is because of Antioch College. Those who will come after me as Antioch graduates, will have a history and a new phrase inscribed in their lexicon, and it will be Nonstop.

I call on each one of you to do what you can for those who have stepped up to keep Antioch alive.

Donate by going here. When you go to donate, make sure you specify that you want your contribution to go to Nonstop.

Chad A. Johnston

Executive Director
The Peoples Channel
300AC South Elliott Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Board Member
The Alliance for Community Media
Washington, DC

“Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us the determination to make the right things happen.”
Horace Mann

“Life without dead time.” Graffito, Paris 1968