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Antioch College alumni can play an important role in recruiting students of all ages and backgrounds to the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute.

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A Letter to Alumni from Scott Warren

Notes from the Nonstop Front

Dear Alumni and Alumnae,

As you already know, on June 30, 2008, the operations of your historic 156-year-old Antioch College were suspended by the Antioch University administration and board of trustees, despite widespread national protest. Faculty and staff were evicted from their offices, building locks were changed, heartfelt good-byes were exchanged, and the campus was closed.

But the story does not stop there. It is only beginning. The Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute (formerly known as the faculty of Antioch College) was founded to carry on the spirit, legacy, values and educational mission of the College in Yellow Springs. Teaching in coffee shops, bookstores, churches, businesses, homes, parks, and libraries, we will begin offering a progressive, cutting-edge, community-based liberal arts curriculum on September 4th to students of all ages and communities.

The Institute (“Nonstop”) will offer a wide range of courses in many different disciplines, including anthropology, art, chemistry, communications, dance, journalism, philosophy, theater, political science, and writing. The Institute will also host Nonstop Presents!, a semester-long festival of public lectures, films, exhibitions, and performances. We are holding an open house in the Village on August 21st to present the course offerings and syllabi to all those who are interested in becoming a part of the Nonstop adventure.

So, what is the essence of Nonstop? Funded by our energetic, generous, and dedicated Alumni Association, we represent an educational vision that keeps the DNA of Antioch College alive pending its resurrection. We are the vanguard of the College revival movement. We are committed to returning to our values of shared governance and collective decision making that have been supplanted in recent years by corporate-style, top-down, secretive decision making. We represent a return to the original meaning and soul of liberal learning with Socrates and Plato, where the essence of learning is the human and pedagogical relationships between teachers and learners – regardless of where that learning takes place.

Most important of all, we are dedicated to continuing the legacy that all of you have built over the decades. As we continue to care deeply and passionately about “winning a victory for humanity,” we simply refuse to let your legacy and spirit die! Please join us as the Nonstop adventure continues to roll along.

In nonstop solidarity,

Scott Warren
Philosophy & Politics
Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute