Media and Social Change

Archived Video from June 19, 2009

Media and Social Change – Part 1 of 2

Media and Social Change – Part 2 of 2

On June 19th, Former Antioch College President Bob Devine ‘68 taught a session of his Media & Social Change class as part of the Nonstop Institute’s Summer Alumni Festival. This class has been a favorite of many Antioch Colllege students over the 20 years that Bob has been teaching it. Bob is retiring at the end of this semester and this session will be his last class – it is not to be missed!

Media & Social Change played a vital role in Antioch’s communications curriculum. In this last session of the class, Bob will look back to the 20 years that he has been teaching the class and “explore the paradigm shift in social change media during those years — from content distribution to interaction and the building of relationships — with some comments on the communications and organization relative to the saving of the College.” From documentary films of the 60’s and 70’s, to public access, to social networking media, Bob will discuss how we use media to shape the world around us and how it shapes us.