March 17 Issue of the Nonstop Record

Mar 17th, 2009

By Rose Pelzl – Volume 65, Issue 4

  • In This Issue:
  • Dispatches from the Alumni Board Weekend
  • AB Elect New Vice President, Joe Foley to replace Ellen Borgersen
  • Steve Schwerner presents Visiting Team report on Nonstop
  • Matthew Derr Speaks to the Board
  • Nonstop Presents Proposal, AB Resolve to create Task Force
  • CRF Board Discuss Nonstop Finances
  • ProTem Board Member of the Week: Pavel Curtis
  • Nonstop Festival Week Digest
  • Alumni Interview: Gerry Bello ‘97
  • Op/Eds & Letters
  • Collegiality, Creativity and Fortitude, by Tim Klass ‘71
  • Exponentially More, by Lincoln Alpern ‘11
  • Nonstop is a Laboratory, by Andrew Oswald ‘92
  • Question of the Week
  • Declassifieds
  • From the Archives: Just a year ago…(Andrzej Bloch Letter)