Nonstop’s “Education and Public Intellectual Practice” Reading Group begins meeting on an alternating week basis to discuss current scholarship and discourse concerning the state of higher education. The group aims to explore higher education’s prospects as a meaningful alternative social, cultural, and creative space in a time of corporatist orthodoxy’s assertion of narrowing expectations.

Reading Project at Nonstop (Yellow Springs News, 1/28/10)

2010 Reading Group Meetings

teleconference with Michael Hardt

Guest Scholar Teleconferences on Higher Education @ Nonstop

about Higher Education Dialogues series (Yellow Springs News, 4/22/10)

Selected Texts

Favorite Quotations

• Bill Readings on Excellence

• Cary Nelson on absent collegial response and broken governance

• Marc Bousquet’s reading of academic management literature

• Sheila Slaughter & Gary Rhoades on academic capitalism

• Jason Read on students as rebels

• Vijay Prashad on the cost of higher education

• Malini Johar Schueller on decolonizing knowledge

• Howard Zinn on the necessity of activism in teaching

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