NSP! May 2009

Friday, May, 1, 7:00 PM
YS Senior Center, 227 Xenia Avenue, Yellow Springs, Ohio
Jim Klein and Julia Reichert: Seeing Red: Stories of American Communists
Seeing Red: Stories of American Communists is an informed look at the individuals who made up the American Communist Party from the 1930s through the 1950s. Fighting for the causes of unionization, unemployment and Social Security benefits, and the eight-hour day, they committed themselves to what they believed was the right way for America. Not just a rosy remembrance, Seeing Red looks critically at the party’s connection with the Soviet Union and its lack of internal democracy.

Sunday, May 3, 3:00 PM
YS Arts Council, 108 Dayton Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio
Documentary Issues Discussion with Steve Bognar and Julia Reichert
Local documentary film makers Steve Bognar and Julia Reichert will discuss a range of issues that inform documentary film practices, and show excerpts of work.

Monday, May 4, 4:00 PM
First Presbyterian Church, 314 Xenia Avenue
Nonstop End of Term Arts Soiree
Nonstop arts students will present work in music, dance, photography and visual arts.

Monday, May 4, 8:00 PM
YS Nonstop Chamber Orchestra Spring Concert
Presbyterian Church, 314 Xenia Ave.
The Spring Concert, directed by James Johnston ,will feature YS soprano Jennifer Gilchrist singing Beethoven’s “Ah! Perfido.” The orchestra will play serenades by Mozart and Brahms. Please come and be part of a wonderful community effort.

Saturday, May 9, 11:00 AM
Nonstop Commencement
Bryan Center lawn (inside for rain)
Please join Nonstop students, faculty, staff, and community for this celebratory event.

Sunday, May, 10 at 2:00-4:00 PM
YS Arts Council, 108 Dayton Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio
Introduction to the Alexander Technique with Dimi Reber

Dimi Reber, Professor Emerita in Dance from Antioch College, will introduce Alexander Technique focused on helping people develop greater sensitivity and awareness of their body and movement. The technique has been studied by dancers, actors, musicians, people in pain, doctors, philosophers and people interested in moving through their lives with more ease and presence. Through hands on work and sensitive movement exploration, students learn to recognize patterns of tension in their bodies which interfere with moving freely. New movement choices become possible as new sensory information becomes available. Moving, sensing, thinking and feeling are looked at as a unified process. Workshop fee: $20.00. For information, please call 767-1078.

Saturday, May 16 at 4:00 PM
YS Arts Council, 108 Dayton Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio
Mad River Theater Workshop – Off the Page: Using Creative Dramatics & Storytelling to Explore the News
This hour long workshop, taught by Margaret Piatt, will use storytelling and improvisation to engage participants in exploring Yellow Springs News articles. These same techniques are being used to create the play Off the Page that features scenes written by Holly Hudson, focusing on the role of newspapers in the history of the YS community. It will be performed in YS in early June.

Sunday, May 17, 4:00 PM
YS Senior Center, 227 Xenia Avenue, Yellow Springs, Ohio
Torture: A Dilemma for the Obama Administration
John Quigley is the Presidents’ Club Professor of Law at the Moritz College of Law at the Ohio State University, where he teaches international law and political science. He has held teaching and research appointments at Harvard Law School and the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Professor Quigley is active in international human rights work, and has published many articles and books on human rights, the United Nations, war and peace, and the Arab-Israeli conflict. His most recent books are The Genocide Convention: An International Law Analysis (2006), and The Ruses for War: American Interventionism Since World War II (2007).

Sunday, May 24, 7:30 PM
YS Senior Center, 227 Xenia Avenue, Yellow Springs, Ohio
Movies and Music – with Aileen LeBlanc & Michael and Sandy Bashaw
An extraordinary collaboration between Yellow Springs filmmaker, Aileen LeBlanc, and musicians and composers, Michael and Sandy Bashaw of Dayton.

How does the music happen? How do you communicate when the filmmaker does not read music? How can you turn a feeling, a few ethereal thoughts into a theme, with specific direction and instrumentation? How do you compose music to serve a series of images? And, how do you use the music to set the pace of the film?

These three artists began working together when LeBlanc moved to Yellow Springs to take the job as News Director at WYSO. Her show, Sounds Local, needed a theme and the Bashaws were chosen.

When LeBlanc left WYSO in 2002, she began to work on documentary films beginning with Dayton Codebreakers and followed by Whose Minding the Planet, the Story of YSI. Her current project is Take Us Home – The Exodus of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. The Bashaws’ music is an essential part of each movie.

When I edit, I think of music first, says LeBlanc. And, when you find a team like ours, something that works, when you trust each other the way that we do, it is an incredible bonus for the film. We are friends also and we are aware that the friendship could get in the way – so we don’t let it.

For their presentation, LeBlanc and the Bashaws will use excerpts from the three films to illustrate the evolution of the music in specific scenes. And they will show how the themes are broken down for punctuation, pause and space.