Nonstop Multimedia Open House & Tapas Lounge: Part 1

Rescheduled for July 17Nonstop Multimedia Open House & Tapas Lounge

Friday, July 9 @ 9 p.m.

Join the YS Experience. Enjoy a festive evening of fusion tapas, wine from our cash bar and conversation with members of the Nonstop Institute as well as artists-in-residence for Nonstop’s Local Stories—An Oral Histories Project. The evening will feature presentations by artists-in-residence: Ryan Agnew, Jonny No, and, John Hempfling in addition to the media interventions of artist, Brian Springer. On the Culinary side, Nonstop will be serving fusion tapas, a tasty and nourishing late night fare organized by artist, Migiwa Orimo.

Presentations (9:30 to 10:30):

Ryan Agnew, NS residency artist from Columbus. Ryan will share his story-telling skills, which he honed during his recently completed Fellowship for Emerging Artists at the Ohio State University, a program designed to assist up-and-coming talents in forging professional careers in the arts.

John Hempfling & Jonny No, NS Local Stories summer residency artists will present excerpts of an oral history video work-in-progress about Yellow Springs youth and public space. Professionally, Hemplfing and No have deep sustained creative commitments to the public commons through their open-source computer exploits and insights into institutional governance.

Brian Springer will present excerpts from 1995 documentary Spin, which features satellite feeds recorded during the 1992 presidential race and the uprising in LA following the announcement of the Rodney King verdict. Spin was described by Stephen Holden in the NY Times as “a devastating critique of television’s profound manipulativeness.”

About The Yellow Springs Experience 2010 – Ten Days of Arts and Culture: This festival will run from July 9- 18 with many performances, workshops and nature hikes, etc…throughout the village with programming for all ages. Please check out the festival and reserve a spot by buying tickets online.