• Date: Saturday, December 18
  • Time: 7:00-11:30 PM
  • Place: Nonstop Institute
  • Cost: Donations Requested
    • Nonstop Institute’s holiday Gala fundraiser will feature performances, music and artful cooking demos. Shuffle by actress/writer Louise Smith will present random contents of the performer’s psyche responding to a prescribed playlist with audience as director and witness. Cuban-born multimedia artist Juansi Gonzalez’s In the name of God: Odios, Oh Dios! Odium, Oh to Him! meditates on uniforms and uniformity and has been described as a “therapy of confrontation.” Dancer Jill Becker will perform Indictment, a tribute to Iraqi women who have lived for a generation with economic embargo and war. Artists/Chefs Raul Enriquez (NYC) and Michael Casselli (YS) will team up via skype to tempt the audience with Burrito Mambo, a mouth watering performance with a delicious payoff.


    INDICTMENT (1991) – Jill Becker

      This dance was part of a series of dances created by Jill Becker entitled Portraits of Women and was created in 1991 in response to the Gulf War. It was performed as a protest against the devastating effects of the subsequent embargo which deprived Iraqi people, especially children, of basic needs. The dance is intended as a protest against using violence/war as a means to achieve control over a people/region and its resources. The music is from the Singing Bowls of Tibet.

    BURRITO MAMBO – Raul Enriquez & Michael Casselli

      New York Artist Raul Enriquez and his humble collaborator, Yellow Springs Artist Michael Casselli , team up via Skype to temp and tantalize the audience with Burrito Mambo, a mouth watering performance with a delicious payoff: BURRITOS-the humble staple of Chicano cuisine. Combining their culinary expertise with the recipes of the Enriquez clan, Michael and Raul will present a truly unique experience that combines hospitality, art practice and the act of generosity that only cooking for strangers can offer. Come prepared to be sated in both body and soul as we examine the role of food as a common ground for the sharing of ideas and the passionate indulging of our collective senses.


      Here, there, and beyond, the military uniform was born of a desire to impose domination and control, to create hierarchy and establish status. For centuries, the uniform has been tied to a politics where power is controlled by a very few while the many obey in the name of discipline and honor.And most of us carry this uniformed person, this soldier, inside; we renounce our own criteria and experience in the face of authority, opting instead to obey and seek comfort in the anonymity that the group provides. Uniform, uniformed. We uniform all, uniformly, so they feel they are an integral part of the powerful block that defines and identifies them. And then, onward! Onward with the grand idea. On to train great groups of good citizens, uniformly. Let them feel honored to belong to our glorious army, so they confront, pursue, and eliminate all who are not like us. Let us create uniforms, thousands, no, millions, of uniformed soldiers that are easily distinguished from the enemy so that in the decisive moment of combat there will be no confusion over who to kill. Or, conversely, so that uniformly they will be willing to give their lives, if necessary, for our uniform patriotism, our uniform way of living, our uniform thought. Uniform ourselves: this is the crucial work. We must be united so our uniformed young people can serve the uniform fatherland with the same dignity and courage that their uniformed fathers and grandfathers did, so they will continue to have faith in our uni-form God and be loyal to that which dignifies and represents us: our uniform flag, our uniform values, our uniform nation. Then, we will always have a noble, uniform cause for which to live and fight. In the end, our uniform cruelty in this necessary war will have a meaning uniformly accepted by all of our uniform/ed people.     –     Have no fear. In God we trust, and in the name of God, all is possible.

    SHUFFLE: A Piece for Performer, iPOD and Audience – Louise Smith

      Shuffle is a meditation in character and movement on the interaction of an IPOD and the audience in real time. In Shuffle, the random contents of the performer’s psyche responds to a prescribed playlist, with the audience as DJ, director and witness. Ten minutes or longer, depending on the day.


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