Web Ramble

With an interactive event, as with a seminar, one might expect a relationship between ‘what you bring to it’ and ‘what you might get out of it.’ In this regard familiarity with the topic and subject matter can very well help shape the conversation in meaningful ways.

Toward providing context for our discussion, Stephen Bezruchka offers this “Population Health Web Ramble” as an informal guide for introducing yourself to a variety of issues and projects connected to population health.

Population Health Web Ramble

Explore the Population Health Forum’s (PHF) website (depts.washington.edu/eqhlth)

From the main PHF page > Click on ‘Unnatural Causes’ (left toolbar)
On the Unnatural Causes website, on the lower right box titled Media & Documents, below will be “Health Equity Quiz”
take it and record your score.
You can download the full 10 questions and answers if you want..

Go back to the main PHF page >
Click on ‘Equality Trust’ (left toolbar) and check out the graphs (inside green “see the evidence” button)  and other materials there.