appraising this current time of health equity failure and of economic collapse, against the grain of diminished expectations dominating the media punditry, Bezruchka argues, “This is the best opportunity to rethink capitalism we’ll ever have in our lifetimes.”

[from “Capitalism and Health”]

SOME QUESTIONS from Stephen Bezruchka for those who will attend to consider:

•   What do you think about the state of well-being in the US and how it is today compared to a few decades ago?
•   Comment on the concept that our health, as measured  by now long we live, does not compare well with Western European Countries, Canada or Japan
•   Consider what impact medical care might have on health of populations, knowing that the United States spends half of the world’s health care bill and that this amounts to a sixth of our economy.
•   Are people in the longer-lived countries healthier than Americans?

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