Between the Bottomlands and the World by Ryan Griffis and Sarah Ross

  • Date: Thursday, November 17
  • Time: 7:00 PM
  • Place: Nonstop Institute, 305 N. Walnut, Yellow Springs
  • Cost: Pay as you are able
  • This video series by Radical Midwest Cultural Corridor members Sarah Ross and Ryan Griffis explores a rural Midwestern town of 6000 people as a place of global exchange and international mobility, inscribed by post-NAFTA realities. The story of Beardstown is told thru 3 lenses: a portrait of a landscape massively engineered to redirect water for the production of commodity crops; a meditation on international grain trade—from seed to field to ocean transport; and a chronicle of why so many people from around the world have come to live in this formerly all-white, Sundown Illinois town. Griffis and Ross will do a Q & A with the audience via skype.