Friday  March 5  —  7 PM  —  Nonstop Institute  — 305 N. Walnut St, Yellow Springs

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Media performances (via skype) curated by LAURA MCGOUGH

In person talk by NEIL COLETTA on the intersections of food, media, and art, and social justice issues.

Anarchy in the Kitchen, an evening of gastronomy performances (via skype from Baltimore), exploring digestibility, consumption, good taste, domesticity, hunger, and accessibility, is curated by Laura McGough for the 2010 Umami International Festival of Food and Art. Participating artists include Graham Coreil-Allen, Steve Bradley, “bunny and chick” (Tim Nohe and Marian April Glebes), Bradley Chriss, Adam Good, Carolina Mayorga, Lisa Moren, Rebecca Nagle, Natalia Panfile, Casey Smith, and Shannon Young.

Following the performances Neil Coletta, (Assistant Director, Programs in Food, Wine & The Arts, Boston University and Antioch College alum) will be present to talk about intersections of food, media, and art justice issues, including reflections on former Antioch College Music Professor John Ronsheim‘s vision for this now-emerging field.

The Umami Festival of Food and Art, a biennial festival based in New York City, brings together artists and food professionals who use food as a medium to present multi-sensory experiences in the theatre, gallery, or dining room. In 2008, the festival included performances, film and video, artists books and visual arts exhibitions in conjunction with artist/chef roundtables, panels, culinary tastings and workshops. In 2010, the Festival will take place over three consecutive weekend from February 25th through March 14th.

Anarchy in the Kitchen, an evening of gastro-performances curated for the Umami Festival, will bring together a diverse group of artists from the literary, performing, and media arts whose work interrogates the food system as a site for performance-based activities. Exploring the intersection of edibility and aesthetics, technology and cuisine, and prose and produce, the artists participating in Anarchy in the Kitchen will use a variety of performance strategies to question our daily interactions with the food.

The performances will took place at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and be will be simultaneously Webcast for viewing via the Umami Website.

In addition a number of “host sites” will project the Webcast live to audiences at their respective venues.

The event will consist of a series of seven performances, punctuated by brief dramatic readings, sonic projects and videos designed to refresh the audiences? palate. Over the course of the evening, edible books will be read and consumed, kitchen aids will be used to generate a musical score, newspaper will be transformed into soup, and lemons will be used as a battery source to whip merengue.

Anarchy in the Kitchen is co-sponsored by The Department of Visual Arts of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.


Pistols and Apple Pie by “bunny and chick” (Tim Nohe and Marian April Glebes) — “bunny and chick’ is a sound art duo that creates sonic events using domestic routines as “scores”. The duo uses “real” instruments, toys, consumer goods, and kitchen aids to generate sound. For Anarchy in the Kitchen, “bunny and chick” will create and perform a music/cooking/consumption score about pistols and apple pie.

New Public Sites – Video Tour – Tinges Commons by Graham Coreil-Allen — Coreil-Allen will take viewers on a tour the intersection of Frisby and 33rd Streets, inWaverly, Baltimore, which was re-aligned during the construction of a huge, suburban style Giant grocery store. The leftover space, formerly Frisby Street, was left unpaved into a grassy lot accented by a few struggling trees. That lot is now a community garden and public art space. During the guided tour, Coreil-Allen will poetically describe the contradictions between the suburban supermarket behemoth and its urban context, and how its reverberations within the street grid beget a temporary autonomous zone of gardening and art.

Meat Poem #6 (man becoming machine chews to the future) by Bradley Chriss — For his performance, Chriss will merge his identity with that of a sausage grinding and machine, performing a “meat poem” that will find him stuffing natural casings with ground beef and spices that are pushed through his mouth. The sausages will be cooked and served to the audience later in the Webcast.

Newspaper Soup by Carolina Mayorga — Newspaper Soup is a performance art piece in which the artist/promoter introduces a revolutionary pre-packed product to the audience ? “Newspaper Soup”.  A sample of the soup will be prepared on site and the audience will have the opportunity to taste it.

15 Minute Performance by Rebecca Nagle — 15 Minute Performance is an on-going, interactive web-based performance in which Nagle asks viewers to choose an activity for her to perform for fifteen minutes. Prior to the Anarchy in the Kitchen, Nagle will fast for several days. Prior to the Webcast, individuals will be invited send email and text message Nagle suggestions of different food items for her to eat during her performance. Using her starving body as a site for enactment, Nagle will feast upon the suggested food items.

EATING WORDS by Casey Smith — EATING WORDS is a performance piece by poet Casey Smith that explores the taste and texture of language in literal fashion. When we speak we emit words from the mouth, and when we listen we take in words through the ears. But what happens when we take back our words, when we eat them? This performance contextualizes simple notions of human communication as a bodily event, and in so doing demonstrates the materiality of language in everyday life.

Portable Salad  (A Harvest performance) by Shannon Young — For Anarchy in the Kitchen, Young will grow a portable salad garden in a shopping cart which she will then “harvest” during the Webcast  and use to prepare a salad for the UMBC audience.


Culinary Remixes by Adam Good — Poet Adam Good will perform brief remixes of various culinary texts from the Joy of Cooking to MFK Fischer’s Serve It Forth.

Sonic Interludes by Steve Bradley — Bradley will perform transitional scores between performances that link each performer’s piece to the next.  Instruments for these 2-5 minute sound art works include different cooking utensils and bowls, selected foods, heat, oil, and water.

Lemons Making Their Own Merengue Pie by Lisa Moran — Moren documents a cadre of “performing lemons” that are used as batteries to power kitchen gadgets and whip-up a merengue pie.

Happy Birthday by Natalia Panfile — In this video performance, Panfile sings “Happy Birthday” in Romanian while birthday cake is being hurled at her.



Laura McGough is a curator, media artist, and food activist. Over the past 20 years, she has organized exhibitions, screenings, and performances for organizations in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Her writings on the visual arts, technology, and performance have appeared in such publications as Sculpture, NewArts Examiner, Experimenat,and Digital Creativity. She has served on the editorial boards of Performance Research, FUSE Magazine and The Journal of Agriculture and Food Systems Development and from 2000 to 2003 was employed as the Multidisciplinary Specialist at the National Endowment for the Arts. She is currently completing an interdisciplinary M.A. degree in Food Studies and Performance Studies at New York University.


“bunny and chick” (Tim Nohe and Marian April Glebes) is a sound art duo that creates sonic events using domestic routines as “scores.”

Steve Bradley is an inter-media artist, who investigates sounds referencedfrom particular sites and objects that resonate below the threshold of humanhearing. Bradley’s sound work has been produced by Die Wohltemperierte Kuche, Alien Productions/edition Kunstradio in Austria, Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Bradley teaches at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and is the graduate program director of the Imaging and Digital Arts MFA program.

Bradley Chriss, currently based in Washington D.C ,has worked towards cultivating and growing communities to include artists, anti-artists, and non-artists in hopes of creating a broad and educational dialogue about the potentialities of individuals, communities and the role that art can play in those communities. His exhibitions include: Gavin Brown’s Enterprise @ Passerby( New York, New York), G-Fine Art (Washington D.C.), Pulse NY with the Curator’s Office (New York, New York), The Katzen Arts Center (Washington D.C.), and The Camberwell Arts Festival/London Biennial (London, U.K.)

Graham Coreil-Allen is an interventionist public artist interested in the constructs and contradictions of our built environment and its users. Components of his work includes temporary, outdoor architectural installations, interactive public performances and a variety of fantastical and discursive urban maps. Whether creating crosswalks for jaywalkers, revealing hidden city vistas, or encouraging participants to find poetic meaning in discrete urban moments, the artist always brings a sense of play and critical engagement to public space.

Adam Good is a DC-based ?DJ of Thought,? a performer, writer, and researcher exploring the concept and implications of Object-Oriented Thought (OOT), among other concerns. Visit for more information on Adam’s work.

Carolina Mayorga is a Washington DC-based artist working mostly in three-dimensional media and performance art projects. Her work has been exhibited in Washington, DC  and other cities in the US, Europe and South America. For more information please visit

Lisa Moren is an artist who makes small gestures out of big media. Her installations pursue the poetic gestures within “domestic-mechano” interfaces disguising drawing, baking, reading, cleaning or hand creaming within unexpected video and sound. Her work is exhibited and presented nationally and internationally at venues such as Ars Electronica; Akademie der Kunste; ZKM, Center for Art and Media; KunstRadio; [mama] Net Culture Club; Moderna Galerija Ljubljana; C3 Center for Culture and Communication; Walter Philips Gallery; Cranbrook Art Museum; and the Banff Centre for the Arts.

Rebecca Nagle is a performance, new media and community artist. She is an internationally exhibited and collected artist with works in the New Museum, NY and Ssamzie Art Warehouse, South Korea.  Nagle has shown at Current Gallery, Art in General, Site Santa Fe, Artscape, and Conflux Festival.  Rebecca’s performative, interactive and community art projects challenge people around issues of intimacy, the body, power, boundaries and efficacy.  She is currently trying to make the world a more open, equitable and creative place through community organizing and radical performance art.  To follow her efforts go to

Casey Smith is a writer and artist based in Washington DC. He has recently collaborated with Vesna Pavlovic on a chapbook, “Office Taste” (Belgrade 2005) and Nilay Lawson on a broadside, “Excise Ipso” (WDC 2008). He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Arts & Humanities at the Corcoran College of Art & Design in Washington DC.

Shannon Young is a multi-media artist who lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland. She recently graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore County with an MFA in Imaging Media and Digital Arts. Shannon’s thesis show consisted of a multimedia installation of photographs, artist books, jars of preserved fruits and vegetables, videos, and performance work. The work sought to begin a conversation about the politics of food consumption and the connections between locally produced and globally procured food.