Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute to be Featured Presenter at University of Minnesota Higher Education Conference

Apr 6th, 2009

On April 24-26, Nonstop will participate in the Reworking the University conference in Minneapolis, MN. The conference is given by the University of Minnesota and  “seeks to draw together academics, artists, and activists, to share and produce political visions, strategies and demands for building an alternative university in common.”

Nonstop will stream live audio of its presentations from the conference so that communities in Yellow Springs and beyond can listen.

Nonstop has been invited to organize two sessions at the conference. The first will consist of presentations by faculty member Jean Gregorek and staff member Tim Noble. Jean Gregorek will present her paper Strategies for Fighting the Corporatization of Education: Lessons from The Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute. Her paper discusses the closing of Antioch College and the efforts of Nonstop in the context of recent academic scholarship on the shifting landscape of higher education. Tim Noble will present his paper, Learning from Disaster: Building a Communication Infrastructure from Zero Using FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source Software), will share his experiences building Nonstop’s technology infrastructure and discuss the important role that this infrastructure has played at Nonstop.

Nonstop’s second session will be given by Executive Collective member Chris Hill and Antioch College alum Michael Casselli ’87 and will be a ‘gallery talk’ held in the University’s Bell Museum, where Nonstop’s installation “Education & Community” will be on display. “Education & Community” is a multi-media installation that integrates art and journalism, including student work, pertaining to the ongoing efforts to revive an independent Antioch College. The installation has been on display at Millworks since February 6. Nonstop’s geodesic dome will also be on display at the Bell Museum.

According to the conference organizers, “this conference is a chance to create a space for collective re-evaluation of the university in crisis as an opportunity for real transformation.” Given the challenges, crises, and ongoing re-evaluation on the road to an independent Antioch College, Nonstop is in a unique position to contribute to this conference.