Nonstop Alumni Festival to Feature Academic Freedom/Labor Mini-Conference

Jun 17th, 2009

Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute will host an Academic Labor/Freedom Mini-Conference this Saturday, June 20th, as part of the Nonstop Summer Alumni Festival. The mini-conference will feature panel presentations by Nonstop and other faculty, moderated by AAUP President and Antioch alum Cary Nelson ’67, and a film screening and discussion.

This semester, Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute had the opportunity to give presentations at the Reworking the University conference at the University of Minnesota. The response from Nonstop’s fellow presenters was enthusiastic and supportive, so much so that some of the conference organizers and presenters from Minneapolis will come to Yellow Springs and participate in this weekend’s mini-conference.

From 12:30PM to 2PM on Saturday, come to a screening and discussion of “Whose University Is It?”, a film about the struggle against corporatization at Trent University in Ontario, with filmmaker James Motluk and academic labor organizer Alison Hearn. At 2:30PM to 6PM, there will be a Panel on Academic Labor/Freedom with Prof. Scott Warren, Prof. Jean Gregorek, Alison Hearn, and others, moderated by AAUP President Cary Nelson ’67.

For those Antioch alumni and other supporters who can’t make it to the Alumni Festival, programming from the entire weekend will be streamed live on the Nonstop homepage along with live chatting capability, so alumni everywhere can connect.

This event will take place at Nonstop’s space in the Millworks building, at 305 N. Walnut Street in Yellow Springs.