• Nonstop Learning Festival and Update – Nonstop Weekend Rocked!

    “Come to Yellow Springs, the week of October 20th-26th for the Nonstop Learning Festival Week where Nonstop supporters around the country will come to YS for educational and cultural events and a celebration of Nonstop…”

  • Hip Hop Goes to College

    “Until the college suspended operations in June, Rieger taught hip hop in the dance program at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio…”

  • Ex-Antioch teachers launch school without campus

    “‘We want to keep the DNA alive,’ said Scott Warren, former associate professor of philosophy. ‘We want to keep the soul moving until we get the campus back.'”

  • Liberal arts won’t stop in Yellow Springs

    “‘I wasn’t sure about it until I got here,’ said Ned Burnell, of California. ‘But this is more than just the continuation of Antioch.'”

  • Antioch’s gone, but its spirit lives

    “A place where a church sanctuary doubles as a dance studio and a local farm becomes a laboratory for sustainable agriculture.”

  • Antioch: Report From Ground Zero

    “Hundreds of Antioch College alumni returned to Yellow Springs, Ohio for a reunion in June, and they packed Kelly Hall for the Alumni Board’s update on talks to save the college…”

  • Nonstop Media

  • The Record – Nonstop’s Newspaper

    Headlines in this week’s Record: 1) Alum Lichtig Wins Goshen Peace Play Contest 2008; 2) Crossroads by Louise Smith; 3) Nonstop Independent Groups & Community Centers; 4) Nonstop Comics – Dear Baby Willikins.

  • A Letter from Susan J. Eklund-Leen

    “Dear Alumni, I want to go home to our beloved campus…”

  • Community Meeting

    Lee Morgan and Matthew Derr, the Antioch alumni representatives on the Task Force discuss the transition from Nonstop to a revived Antioch College.

  • 06/21/08

    Curriculum Planning Slideshow

    This slideshow was shown during the Nonstop curriculum presentation at the 2008 Antioch College Alumni Reunion. Compiled by Nevin Mercede.

  • Dispatches

  • NS Dispatch 1

    The Rude Mechanical Orchestra (RMO) gathered with scores of Nonstop supporters in downtown Yellow Springs to celebrate the start of the institute’s first semester.

  • NS Dispatch 2

    This action kit is your toolbox for performing a tactical liberal arts intervention. Print and share the recent press coverage of Nonstop. If your friends still don’t get it – show them the video.

  • NS Dispatch 3

    Andrew Manieri recently held a Nonstop workshop on his farm about the practice of permaculture.

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