• 09-30-08

    Nonstop Learning Festival – Update from Nonstop – Nonstop Weekend Rocked!

    “Come to Yellow Springs, the week of October 20th-26th for the Nonstop Learning Festival Week where Nonstop supporters around the country will come to YS for educational and cultural events and a celebration of Nonstop…”

  • 09-29-08

    Hip Hop Goes to College

    “Until the college suspended operations in June, Rieger taught hip hop in the dance program at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio…”

  • 09-13-08

    Ex-Antioch teachers launch school without campus

    “‘We want to keep the DNA alive,” said Scott Warren, former associate professor of philosophy. “We want to keep the soul moving until we get the campus back.'”

  • 09-11-08a

    Liberal arts won’t stop in Yellow Springs

    “‘I wasn’t sure about it until I got here,’ said Ned Burnell, of California. ‘But this is more than just the continuation of Antioch.'”

  • 09-11-08b

    Antioch’s gone, but its spirit lives

    “A place where a church sanctuary doubles as a dance studio and a local farm becomes a laboratory for sustainable agriculture.”

  • 09-06-08

    ‘Nonstop’ classes to begin Monday

    “While the status of Antioch College continues to be negotiated by Antioch University officials and college alumni, a group of enthusiastic education activists is going ahead with their plans for the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute..”

  • 08-14-08

    Prominent academics call for the reopening of college

    “”Those who signed included well-known scholars such as Michael Apple, Alex Callinicos, Judith Butler, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Judith Halberstam, Michael Hardt, Peter McLaren and Andrew Ross. Signers are calling on the Antioch University Board of Trustees to ‘live up to their recently stated intention of transferring the college to the alumni association…’ the petition also applauds the effort of former Antioch College faculty, staff and students in creating the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute, which seeks to continue the traditions and values of Antioch in the village, now that the campus has closed. ”

  • 07-30-08

    Former Antioch professors Form New College

    “A few months ago they were spread across 100 acres of Antioch’s campus. Now professors will share a few hundred feet of office space in the new headquarters of Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute…”

  • 07-27-08

    Nonstop Faculty on WYSO

    Jerry Kenney speaks to Scott Warren on the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute.

  • 07-24-08

    Faculty launches Nonstop

    “Some small towns, if they’re lucky, are home to a liberal arts college. But Yellow Springs may be the first village that is a liberal arts college…”

  • 07-10-08

    Antioch: Report From Ground Zero

    “Hundreds of Antioch College alumni returned to Yellow Springs, Ohio for a reunion in June, and they packed Kelly Hall for the Alumni Board’s update on talks to save the college…”

  • 04-10-08

    Nonstop Antioch, nonstop ideals

    “Hundreds of Antioch College alumni returned to Yellow Springs, Ohio for a reunion in June, and they packed Kelly Hall for the Alumni Board’s update on talks to save the college…”

  • 04-03-08

    It will take a village…

    “Like its namesake, Nonstop Antioch is scrappy, determined and audacious. It reflects the best of Antioch College, a place that produces people who just won’t give up, who believe they can change the world.”

  • 03-03-08

    For Antioch Alumni: No Retreat, No Surrender

    “”You’ve got to give them this: Those Antioch College alumni sure are persistent… it is prepared to keep the college running “nonstop,” either on the original Yellow Springs, Ohio, campus or at another location in Yellow Springs.”