• 08/27/08

    NS Dispatch 1

    The Rude Mechanical Orchestra (RMO) gathered with scores of Nonstop supporters in downtown Yellow Springs to celebrate the start of the institute’s first semester.

  • 09/18/08

    NS Dispatch 2

    This Action Kit is your toolbox for performing a tactical liberal arts intervention. Print and share the recent press coverage of Nonstop. If your friends still don’t get it – show them the video.

  • 10/12/08

    NS Dispatch 3

    Andrew Manieri recently held a Nonstop workshop on his farm about the practice of permaculture. Nonstop is a liberal arts intervention with a strong connection to the values and ethics of permaculture. Nonstop also seeks to preserve diversity and improve the ecosystem around us; but for us, this stewardship takes place in the world of thought and ideas. We applaud and support the work of this small farm, and we thank Andrew for sharing his experiences with our students.