Jean Gregorek – Another Education Is Possible — I hope – 10/20/2008 – MP3

Oct 20th, 2008

Jean Gregorek, Nonstop faculty member, gave this presentation on the state of higher education as part of  the inaugural event of nonstop’s ‘festival week’–a week organized by ‘nonstop presents’ designed to showcase the contributions of antioch alumni and to provide intellectual and artistic enrichment for the yellow springs/greater miami valley community.

The festival week featured film screenings, talks, book readings, workshops, dance performances, and reports from nonstop classes and student groups.  She describes this presentation as:

‘another education is possible–i hope’ was a first pass at constructing a genealogy of various strands of utopian thought that have gone into the making of the educational ideals of antioch college, culminating in a (too-) brief meditation on the influence of the ongoing alter-globalization movement and current thinking on bioregionalism and what these new directions might imply for a small and struggling educational institution.