First day of classes to begin at innovative Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute

Sep 5th, 2008

Yellow Springs, Ohio – September 5, 2008 – The Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute will mark the official start of its first semester with classes beginning on Monday, September 8, 2008, in non-traditional classrooms spread throughout the village of Yellow Springs. “Nonstop,” as it has been nicknamed by the local community, is an educational endeavor that seeks to continue the values and traditions of the recently closed Antioch College. Nonstop is a project of the College Revival Fund, which supports an independent Antioch College.

The Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute offers open and affordable enrollment to students of all ages and backgrounds. Students may enroll on a full-time or course-by-course basis. In addition to registering for full-semester classes, students may also sign up for shorter courses and one-day workshops. An event series called Nonstop Presents!, will offer a variety of educational programming, which will include lectures, workshops, and music and arts events, many of which will be free and open to the public.

The entire first week of Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute classes will be free and open to the public so that potential students can decide if they would like to register for the fall semester. A full list of the fall classes can be found on the Nonstop website:

Classes beginning on this Monday include: Modern Dance and Improvisation for Beginners, Visions of Suburbia, Elements of Photography, Community Journalism, Documentary Inquiry: The Atomic Age, Sounds and Circuits, and Community Band. Other classes offered include history and anthropology, art and literature, and the sciences. Two of the classes that may interest adult students are Personal Investing and a Good Books Club. All classes, which will be taught by a majority of former professors of Antioch College, will take place in community centers, coffee shops, churches, and private homes throughout the village of Yellow Springs. Nonstop faculty member Chris Hill said, “Nonstop not only carries on Antioch’s tradition of learning, but reinvigorates it. This experiment takes our classrooms out into the world and into uncharted territory.”

The unconventional structure of the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute transcends the traditional higher educational classroom settings. The Local & Sustainable Agriculture Workshop, for instance, will utilize a local farm as a classroom to study the permaculture approach to farming. The faculty has designed the Nonstop curriculum with the interests and needs of the local community in mind, allowing anyone with an interest in learning, to get involved.

The Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute is not affiliated with or sponsored by Antioch University, or its related organizations.