Festival Week & Homecoming 2008

Oct 6th, 2008

Nonstop HOMECOMING 2008

Thank you to everyone who helped make Festival Week and Homecoming a success!!

Read about the outcome of homecoming weekend’s alumni board meeting: Antioch College Alumni Board Raises More than $80K for Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute!

Enjoy these pictures from homecoming!


About Festival Week…

To the Nonstop Community,

When planning last spring for the curriculum for Nonstop this fall term, faculty proposed the idea of a Learning Festival Week in the middle of the term. THE IDEA OF FESTIVAL WEEK IS TO SUSPEND NORMAL CLASSES SO THAT ALL STUDENTS, FACULTY, AND STAFF CAN PARTICIPATE AS BOTH PRESENTERS AND AUDIENCES IN A VERY BROAD RANGE OF EVENTS, SCREENINGS, AND LECTURES OVER AN ENTIRE WEEK. Your attendance and participation at many events is what will make Festival Week a unique learning laboratory.

The faculty have built some of Nonstop’s courses this term around key issues being currently discussed within the Village–economic development, sustainability, community arts, and more. Through Festival Week we have an opportunity for yet another kind of interface with the Yellow Springs community as well as with the former Antioch College community of alumni–an intensified and common experience of diverse public events.

Festivals create a different sense of time, opportunities for ideas to collide with one another in often unpredictable ways, and unexpected encounters for analysis and discussion. We are fortunate to live in a Village where Festival events can occur within walking distance of each other; where we can stop with companions for a coffee, tea or juice enroute to the next event; and where we can experience a different rhythm of connection with overlapping communities.

A number of the Festival Week-Homecoming presenters are Antioch College alumni who have expressed a desire to contribute to the Nonstop educational community with their specific professional expertise that include law, filmmaking, economics, the environment, politics of contemporary higher ed, and the arts. Alums will be arriving in Yellow Springs throughout the week and through the Festival events will meet Nonstop students, staff and faculty, experience our classrooms and offices scattered throughout the village, contribute to our new Campus North Millworks space through a Community Work Project, connect with CRF folks, attend the Alumni Board meetings (Thursday-Saturday), hook up with friends and fellow alums, and enjoy a few days of mid autumn in Yellow Springs.

Festival Week is an important part of the Nonstop curriculum—a week to explore, absorb, and to make new connections with people and ideas, nonstop. Grab it, fill up on it, flow with it, question it, and welcome visitors to our Nonstop community.

Chris, Hassan, and Susan
Nonstop Executive Collective