Community Council (ComCil) Info and Minutes

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FALL ’08












Nonstop ComCil Charge

(Approved by ComCil 5.23.08)

ComCil is the legislative body of Community Government responsible for the social, cultural, political and community life of the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute.

Its responsibilities include:

  • To ensure the continuity of Community Government and to perpetuate the values and structures of shared governance historically founded at Antioch College, including but not limited to: Community Standards, the Honor Code, the SOPP, the RDPP, the Leg. Code, the Civil Liberties Code. To assess and participate in the redefinition of the governance structure of Nonstop
  • To review and approve the CG budget
  • To supervise CG
  • To help ensure representation by all facets of the community
  • To work with ExCil in organizing Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute

ComCil Committees:

  • Elections Committee
  • CG Budget/ Community Funds Board Committee (Absorbed into one group)
  • Record Advisory Board
  • Diversity Committee*

*Joint ComCil & ExCil Committee

Current ComCil Members:

  • Lincoln Alpern: Student Seat
  • Carole Braun:  Student Services Seat, Ex-Officio Member
  • Joan Meadows: Non-Student Seat Community Elect
  • Dennie Eagleson: Non-Student Seat Faculty Elect
  • Rose Pelzl: Student Seat
  • Meghan Pergrem: Co-Community Manager Seat, Ex-Officio
  • Chelsea Martens: Co-Community Manager Seat, Ex-Officio
  • Tim Noble: Non-Student Seat Community Elect
  • Eva Erickson:  Student Seat
  • Jeanne Kay:  Student Seat
  • Nic Viox: Student Seat, Chair