A transition time for Nonstop

Dec 1st, 2011

Since its launch after the shut-down of Antioch College, the educators and artists of Nonstop Institute have been nothing if not flexible and creative. And their flexibility is being called upon once again, as Nonstop members adapt to the newest phase of the group’s existence. At the end of this month Nonstop will let go of its Millworks home, but its members will continue to sponsor cultural, educational and artistic events for the community.

And while the nonprofit Nonstop will no longer have a physical space, its members remain dedicated to their mission of providing an opportunity for civic dialogue on issues relevant to Yellow Springs, ranging from the increasingly difficult environment for liberal arts colleges, as illustrated by Antioch’s closing, to the challenges of sustainability in a small town.

Nonstop Presents Local Stories

Sep 23rd, 2010

Everybody has a story, whose content is subject to interpretation by its teller. In the case of Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute’s newest project, the storytellers are four area artists who have created three installations for “Local Stories — An Oral Histories Project.” The stories they tell are of the residents who live here and form the essence of the local landscape.

Nonstop Dialogues Seek the New

Jun 10th, 2010

Never ones to be constrained by conventional thinking, members of Nonstop Institute are taking an unusual approach to bringing interesting thinkers to Yellow Springs. In their series of talks this spring on higher education, Nonstop used high-tech but low-cost methods to create dialogue between members of the community and some of the most provocative thinkers in the nation.

A threat to higher education

May 7th, 2010

Working from our all-volunteer basis and maintaining a commitment to light ecological footprints, the Nonstop Institute presently stands midpoint in its Higher Education Dialogues series of live video-teleconferences with leading higher education scholars from across the nation. At the current time when so many colleges and universities find themselves facing political attacks on the very idea of public purpose, along with severe economic pressures from retreating fiscal resources, our inattention to the circumstances of post-secondary educational possibility is not an option.

Another Education is Possible: The Closing of Antioch College and the Story of the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute

May 3rd, 2010

The decision to dispose of Antioch College was not one that faculty, alumni, staff, and students could accept. While our strategies evolved over time, and different constituencies worked in different arenas, we were united by certain core assumptions. We defined the suspension of the College as a financial and political choice made among other available options. This meant countering a number of convenient and widespread narratives–insisting that the College was not merely another regrettable casualty of prevailing economic winds, nor of its own anachronistic refusal to adapt to a changing marketplace. The closure was not a referendum on Antioch’s progressive educational mission or curriculum. Nor was the College brought down by a disrespectful, dogmatic, or ‘toxic’ student body (a view unfortunately given some support by President Lawry).

Nonstop workshop on black films

Mar 11th, 2010

“This series is meant to show the progression and evolution of black films that reflect how our culture thinks about race,” he said. ‘These films represent the sensibilities of African Americans, done by African Americans, cast by African Americans.”
“It’s a cultural enrichment project; that’s what Nonstop is about,” Devine said. “I strongly encourage people to take advantage of films that they’ll probably never see again in their lifetime.”

Nonstop on higher ed plight

Jan 29th, 2010

Significant traditions of educational thinking precede this moment, and the opportunity to situate ourselves in relation to dialogues started by others across varied institutional and historical circumstances both complicates and enriches the questions we might pursue. Particularly in relation to our intended focus on the dynamic potential of reading, our hopes for this project are to approach these engagements of word and world with the aim in mind of our mutual empowerment.

Feature photo: Unstoppable Nonstop

Jan 28th, 2010

See the Yellow Springs News’ front page feature photos of the January 2009 Nonstop Gala.

Nonstop creatively evolves, again

Jan 21st, 2010

What direction Nonstop would take was not clear when the alumni board stopped funding the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute last summer, when, after plans for a revived college were finalized, the initial purpose for the group diminished. However, Nonstop members still saw a need for the sort of intellectual and cultural enrichment in the village that Nonstop Presents!, a series of events in 2009, had provided. And Nonstop members, who had worked intensely together to launch and maintain the initial effort, wanted to continue their collaboration.

Education, awareness spread with Nonstop efforts

Oct 15th, 2009

The Nonstop Liberal Institute has designs to become a new source of cultural and intellectual advancement for Yellow Springs and Greene County.

The institute, formed in the wake of Antioch College’s suspension in 2008, began as a way for students to continue taking classes in an alternative format. Classes were taught by several former Antioch College professors and people from the community, and classes were held in coffee shops, people’s homes, and other public places.

Now, with the rebirth of Antioch College, Nonstop registered itself as a non-profit organization and has refocused its efforts on providing workshops and events for the community.