Long Distance Mom: Antioch Confidential

Apr 17th, 2009

Horace Mann’s quote appears on the web site of “The Antioch Papers,” an open archive for materials that address the closing of Antioch College by the Board of Trustees of Antioch University in 2007…

A Response to “Antioch – Will It Flatline Once Again?”

Feb 2nd, 2009

It’s a shame that Charlotte Allen did not have the benefit of an Antioch education…

Antioch – Will It Flatline Once Again?

Feb 2nd, 2009

When Antioch College, the venerable liberal arts institution in Yellow Springs, Ohio, shut its doors in June 2008, its professors laid off and most of its students transferring elsewhere, it had become the shipwreck of a perfect storm of political correctness run amok…

Reply from Above

Dec 30th, 2008

Yesterday, I sent an e-mail to both Tom Faecke, CFO and Toni Murdock, Chancellor of Antioch University basically outlining my observations. I received the following reply from Mr. Faecke today…

The State of the Theater

Dec 29th, 2008

It is hard to believe that just a few months ago The Antioch Area Theater was a constant hub of artistic enterprise and activity. As late as August, children sang and adults came to dance under its fragile roof…

NS Dispatch 5

Dec 7th, 2008

A brief overview of Nonstop in images and sounds.


Day of Listening

Nov 25th, 2008

By Louise Smith, Crossroads
Listening looks easy, but it’s not simple. Every head is a world. -Cuban Proverb

Post-election Permaculture, Process, Peaches, and P(h)otography with Dennie Eagleson

Nov 17th, 2008

By Louise Smith, Crossroads
Whether or not there is the will to try and rebuild the college in this environment is a big question. We are enacting a story that I think will be very instructive and inspiring to other people.

Jill Becker and Thicsotropy

Nov 1st, 2008

By Louise Smith, Crossroads
It’s Saturday morning on alumni weekend. This marks the end of festival week. There have been numerous events hosted by Nonstop here in the village. I talked with Jill Becker…

AAUP to Investigate Closing of Antioch College

Oct 16th, 2008

By Scott Smallwood, The Chronicle of Higher Education News Blog
The American Association of University Professors plans to investigate whether Antioch University violated faculty-governance standards when it shut down Antioch College.