Antioch College Alumni Board Raises More than $80K for Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute

Oct 25th, 2008

By the Nonstop Communications Team.

Yellow Springs, OH
Today, the Antioch College Alumni Board unanimously resolved to raise $255,000 by April 1, 2009 to fund the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute for the full academic year. The Board plans to raise $135,000 by December 1 and an additional $120,000 by April 1, 2009.

“We have pledged as a Board to raise the $255,000 to fund the full Nonstop program through June 30, 2009, because we know that the quality and creativity of the work being done here is important not only to the future of Antioch College, but also to the future of progressive liberal arts education in this country,” said Ellen Borgersen, Vice President of the Alumni Board. “Members of our Board have collectively spent hundreds of hours with Nonstop faculty, students and staff, and we want all of the alums who have not been able to be here in Yellow Springs to know that the education being offered is academically rigorous and infused with Antioch’s core values: the commitment to experiential learning, to community as a laboratory of democracy, and to winning victories for humanity.”

To kick off the fundraising initiative, this weekend the Antioch College Alumni Board raised $80,200 for the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute from its own members in both cash and pledges. That puts the Board over 60% of the December 1 goal of $135,000. Borgersen said, “We all dug really deep because we wanted to demonstrate our enthusiastic support for the incredible work that the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute faculty and staff have already done, and their exciting plans for the Spring semester.”

“What we have seen this weekend is awe inspiring,” she continued. “The Nonstop events have been incredibly rich, and to see current faculty and students interact with alums is to see that the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute really is the living heart and soul of Antioch College.

“It is critically important to keep the faculty engaged in teaching the Antioch College students of the near future as we await word from the task force that is working to separate Antioch College from Antioch University,” Borgersen concluded. “I urge all alums who care about the future of Antioch College to give now, and to give generously, to support the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute.”

Since the University Board of Trustees announced the suspension of operations in June 2007, alumni across the country have rallied to the defense of their 156 year old alma mater. Alumni chapters have grown worldwide. The Alumni Board is continuing with its fundraising and planning efforts. For additional information on the Antioch College Alumni Association and the College Revival Fund, visit the Antioch College Alumni Association web site,