Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute transcripts are available and should be used in conjunction with the student’s independent learning portfolio. The portfolio, which documents each course, provides future opportunity for petitioning other institutions of higher learning for acceptance of Nonstop’s faculty evaluated course work. Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute cannot guarantee transferability due to its being an educational program created in response to Antioch University’s decision to close Antioch College (6/2008) and dismiss the College’s tenured faculty. Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute is not accredited.


What is on my transcript?

  • Last Name, First Name
  • Registered Enrollment of Course(s)
  • Year, Term
  • Prefix, Number, Course Title
  • Course Credit (noted in semester hours)
  • Grade or Status (Credit, No Credit, Audit, Dropped, Canceled)
  • Faculty Narrative Evaluation and Student Self-Evaluation of course work. (Available to those students receiving credit for their course(s).)

How much do transcripts cost?
Transcripts mailed from Nonstop are $5.00 each for standard mail delivery for addresses within the United States. Overnight or express delivery can only be provided with receipt of prepaid envelope from student. There is no charge for transcript(s) issued directly to student.

How do I order a transcript?
Complete Transcript Request Form and return with signature to Registrar.

Can I have you fax the the request somewhere?
No, we are not able to fax, and faxed transcripts are not official.

How soon can I expect delivery of my transcript?
Most transcript requests are processed and ready within 1 day of being received. Please allow additional time for the United States Postal Service to deliver, if requested.