Iveta Jusová

Iveta Jusová earned her Ph.D. in English and Cultural Studies from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio in 2000.  She joined the Antioch College faculty in 2004 as Assistant Professor of WS and Director of Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe (AEA).

Iveta’s research interests include feminist theory, psychoanalysis, and post-colonial and global feminisms.  As well, she is a scholar of Victorian literature.  Her book The New Woman and the Empire (the Ohio University Press, 2005) examines the various ways in which fin-de-siecle British women writers approached national, racial, and ethnic differences.  Iveta’s articles on gender issues in the work of European women writers, actresses, and film-makers have also appeared in Women’s Studies International Forum, Social Text, Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature, English Literature in Transition, Theatre History Studies, Slavic and East European Journal, Zadra: Pismo Feministyczne (in Polish), Divadelní revue (in Czech), and other peer-reviewed journals.

Iveta’s current research project examines the possibilities and challenges entailed in the present-day encounters between European feminist discourses and the growing immigrant population in Europe from former colonies.

As a teacher, Iveta subscribes to the notion of knowledge as always situated in its specific political, cultural, and historical context, while also seeking to facilitate in the students the viewing of local knowledges against broader global and transnational developments. The feminist theory and global/transnational literature courses she teaches are designed to facilitate the questioning of the taken for granted and the familiar. Students are encouraged to examine the ways in which the literary and the embodied, the semiotic and the political, intersect meaningfully through textuality’s inflections that inform our ethical values and our world views.

Iveta and Vaclav Havel