Isabella Winkler


Isabella studied in Austria and in the USA, and has a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from SUNY-Buffalo. She works at the intersection of contemporary continental philosophy and cultural studies on questions of identity and difference. At Antioch, she taught courses in feminism, queer studies, disability studies, critical race studies, and poststructural theory. She also has over a decade of experience teaching writing. Isabella has published on systems theorist Michel Serres, and is currently completing a book on the implications of poststructural thought for a post-identity politics, entitled To Each Its Own: Cases of the Singular.

Isabella’s courses in feminism, queer theory, disability studies, critical race studies, and literary theory sought to address Antioch College’s mission by providing students with tools to refine their participation in campus politics, while also stimulating a sense of responsibility beyond their own immediate identifications. To this end, these courses developed interpretation and writing skills that helped students to become reflective and creative political participants. At the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute, Isabella will continue exploring the philosophies and politics of difference in her courses while working in collaboration with colleagues to develop programs that foster critical thinking through writing across the disciplines. Her vision anticipates that such programs will include writing courses designed to build on the strengths that today’s students bring to higher education. Geared toward the visual learner, these courses would develop media literacy and would use web-based technology to demystify and build confidence in the writing process. The Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute writing program will prepare students for the political challenges and opportunities of the 21st century not simply by teaching students how to convey their ideas, but by emboldening them to invent new ones.