Harold and Jonatha Wright


Jonatha and Harold Wright, storytellers, have been specializing in Ohio, Ohio Appalachian and Japanese stories for the last several years. Often they work in tandem, but both Jonatha and Harold also tell solo. In addition to folk tales, fairy tales, historical tales, myths and legends they have numerous personal stories. These they tell to a wide variety of ages and audiences.

Harold has had a career as a professor of Japanese at Antioch College and Ohio State University, and is an award-winning translator of Japanese poetry, with several books to his credit. The last fourteen years, he, along with Jonatha, led and developed a semester of Field Work study for college students through Antioch Education Abroad to Japan each summer, at Kyoto Seika University. Each fall Jonatha coordinated and they worked with Japanese students from Kyoto Seika who participated in American Field Work studies at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, OH. Always the Wrights have used these activities and contacts to research and collect Japanese stories, often in the oral tradition, continually looking for the richness of local flavor and dialect, which Harold translates and they adapt. As they travel Ohio, they continually collect local Ohio stories.

The Wrights have taught storytelling in many area colleges. They do workshops all over the US and in Kyoto on storytelling techniques and skills. Professionally they belong to the state storytelling groups of Kentucky and Ohio (KSA and OOPS!), the National Storytelling Network, and the Miami Valley Storytellers.