Eric Miller

Eric Miller
Former Assistant Professor of Cooperative Education, Antioch College

Eric returned to Antioch in 1998 following a five-year stint in Japan where he had extensive experience working and teaching in a variety of academic and business settings. His interest in cross-cultural work experience developed from his involvement in labor union activities with the (Japan) National Union of General Workers and teaching Japanese business executives. He has worked with community mental health service recipients and the Ohio Department of Mental Health in the development of community-based support systems. Collaborating with two former co-op faculty members Eric is co-editor of the Handbook for Research in Cooperative Education and Internships (Lawrence Erlbaum, 2004). He contributed two chapters to that text: one on cross cultural experiential learning and the other on the implications of current research for practice in cooperative education and internships. In 2005 Eric received a grant that sent him to Kenya and Tanzania. This trip focused on establishing partnerships in East Africa. In 2006 Eric’s sabbatical offered him opportunities to study Spanish and provide consultancy services contributing to a study abroad project and development project in Ocotol, Nicaragua.

Eric’s work at Antioch College was based on the notion that cooperative education is intrinsic to a model for liberal arts education where experience, rigorous study and community participation prepare students for ethical leadership throughout their lives.

At the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute Eric will be involved in building and rebuilding the co-op program that has been damaged and degraded by the impositions of the University, assuring that students continue to benefit from the cooperative educational experience, continuing working with employers from previous years while developing new relationships with a special focus on local employers, and guiding self-directed students in proactively establishing and developing co-op opportunities of their choice.

Eric looks forward to taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by the flexible and inventive nature of the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute through a collaborative participatory exploration of how work and experience can move towards the center of inquiry.