Dennie Eagleson


Dennie Eagleson
B.A. Antioch College

MFA University of Cincinnati

Dennie is a fine art/ documentary photographer and taught at Antioch College for sixteen years. She has created documentary work in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Sarajevo, Bosnia. Her work from Cuba has been exhibited and included in publications regionally and nationally. Affinities of Spirit, a documentary project about alternative families was featured at the Dayton Art Institute. Archeology of a Life, a project of color pinhole images made in an abandoned house, was recently published in The Elements of Photography.

The Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute provides a great challenge to the teaching of photography without a darkroom or a computer lab and imaging software. Dennie will be working with Don Wallis, former editor of the Yellow Springs News, and published author, to create a program in Community Journalism. They will engage with students and villagers to identify areas of interest, and to gather and publish local stories in both web and print formats. She will also be exploring low-tech methods of making photographic images that could include tintype, pinhole, cyanotype, and alternative forms of exhibition using public spaces.

Dennie was inspired by the learning opportunities she realized through the process of negotiating adversity as an Antioch student. The Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute’s commitment to student-centered, creative, values-based, inclusive education offers continued opportunities for inspiration today by placing education in the center of a democratic structure requiring innovative expressions of community resourcefulness. The Nonstop opportunity exists within the Yellow Springs and Alumni communities, reforming essential bonds and reinvigorating us all with a common passion: to sustain the essential model that we know as an Antiochian education.