Colette Palamar


Colette R. Palamar holds master’s degrees in environmental science and philosophy, an MFA in visual arts, and a Ph.D. in applied philosophy with a concentration in environmental phenomenology and ethics. Palamar is a human ecologist who presents and publishes creative and expository work in environmental philosophy, nature writing, environmental art, environmental history, environmental policy, and ecological restoration. She has published numerous articles on ecological feminism, ecological restoration, and American environmental history. Her work has been published in Environmental Ethics, Ecological Restoration, and the Human Ecology Review. Palamar’s work in the fine arts ranges from traditional ceramic vessels, large-scale installations, and environmental art with natural materials, to her current body of semi-abstract acrylic paintings. You can explore her artwork at Currently, she is serving as the chair of the Sustainability Studies committee. Palamar teaches courses in and supervises students interested in environmental studies as they intersect with the arts, humanities, and social sciences. She can also assist students interested in environmental science, the visual arts, creative writing, and philosophy.