Anne Bohlen


B.A., Psychology, Edgecliff College, Xavier University; Cincinnati, Ohio, 1970

M.A., Interdisciplinary Film American University, Washington DC, 1974

Anne has twenty years experience as an independent documentary filmmaker. Her film, Blood in the Face, produced and directed with Kevin Rafferty & Jim Ridgeway, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, showed theatrically in over 40 cities and was broadcast nationally on the Discovery Channel. Anne received an Academy Award Nomination as a Producer of With Babies and Banners (with Lyn Goldfarb and Lorraine Grey) and a National Emmy Award as a Producer of The Global Assembly Line (with Lorraine Grey & Patricia Fernandez Kelly). She is also Producer / Director of the film Reform on the River, and The Power and the Spirit, a radio documentary that aired on NPR’s All Things Considered (with Celeste Wesson). Anne’s other film production credits include work on Roger and Me, Muhammad Ali: The Whole Story, Rosie the Riveter, Seeing Red, Memorial, Earth and the American Dream, and Taken for a Ride. Her films have been screened at film festivals, exhibited theatrically and broadcast on television internationally. She is an emeritus member of New Day Films, the independent documentary distribution co-operative. Currently she is producing and directing Toxic Tours, a documentary about environmental issues.

At Antioch College, where she served as Professor of Media Arts: Film & Documentary Studies and taught for sixteen and a half years, Anne co-curated and hosted documentary programs including Documentary Diversity, The Future of the Documentary, Media Activism, Resistance and Transformation: Latin American Documentary, Witnessing Prison: Inside and Out, Environmental Documentary, and the Margaret Mead Traveling Festival. She has taught Documentary Issues and Perspectives, Documentary History, Audio Production, 16mm Film Production and mentored senior projects in narrative, experimental and documentary film, video, and audio.

In 2008-2009 Anne will offer a semester long documentary workshop where participants will have an opportunity to work on Toxic Tours, receive professional credit for their contributions, and learn first-hand about all aspects of documentary production including research, fundraising, production and post-production. We will travel to environmentally compromised sites in Ohio, meet with and interview citizen activists, EPA officials and others, and shoot relevant footage to tell inspiring important stories that will inform the public about environmental problems and demonstrate the power of citizen involvement in creating solutions.