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The Nonstop Liberal Arts Educational Program is a collegium of students, faculty, and staff engaging in an educational endeavor to preserve the heritage of Antioch College through the Nonstop programs offered in Yellow Springs, Ohio for the 2008-09 academic year.

Nonstop is distinguished by an openness rooted in its experiential and experimental orientation, and the Nonstop curriculum adheres to principles of excellence and rigor while exploring new educational frontiers.

The Nonstop community is actively seizing this moment not only as an educational venture, but as an articulation of our dedication to “the search for truth, the development of individual potential, and the pursuit of social justice”

Nonstop is open to learners of all ages who are interested in college-level academics, learning grounded in experience, and participatory community governance.

The Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute is not currently accredited.