Nonstop Institute of Yellow Springs received its non-profit status from the State of Ohio in August, 2009 and its federal tax-exempt status in March, 2010. Its Board and volunteer Working Members have been building the organizational policies and procedures, developing fundraising plans, and producing public events since July, 2009.

While the Nonstop Institute of Yellow Springs is a new and fully independent educational nonprofit corporation, it draws upon significant collective experience in the form of many Working Members’ prior affiliations with the Antioch College (before its 2008 closure) and work with the short-lived Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute (NSLAI); a multi-generational community-based educational project created by former College faculty and alumni in the aftermath of the Antioch closure.

June 30, 2009 marked the end of College Revival Fund’s participation in, and support of, the NSLAI project. The Nonstop Institute of Yellow Springs subsequently arose from conversations among a core group of experienced academic and community organizers. This core group shares interests and commitments to the educational, cultural and artistic future of Yellow Springs and the Greater Miami Valley and the progressive liberal arts tradition of higher learning.

The Nonstop Institute of Yellow Springs is not a successor organization to NSLAI, nor to Antioch College. Working Membership does consider itself intimately, and in many ways uniquely, familiar with the liberal learning traditions disrupted by the College closure and they value this knowledge as a key asset for examining the challenges facing education today. While many in our community have been saddened by the passing of the recent NSLAI experiment, the Working Membership of the Nonstop Institute are in a unique position, committed to including in our work the maintenance of the archive of the NSLAI. We believe it is a record with local and national importance as a scholarly resource in education and the liberal arts.

The Nonstop Institute began in a faculty and community response for maintaining and expanding the educational, intellectual, and activist dimensions of our individual and collective experiences. Nonstop seeks to facilitate, provide and produce educational events; to support and cultivate thoughtful and provocative academic, artistic and cultural works; and to speak as a voice of social conscience in contributions to professional deliberations and public discourse concerning higher education’s path forward.