March 17 Issue of the Nonstop Record

Mar 17th, 2009

By Rose Pelzl – Volume 65, Issue 4

  • In This Issue:
  • Dispatches from the Alumni Board Weekend
  • AB Elect New Vice President, Joe Foley to replace Ellen Borgersen
  • Steve Schwerner presents Visiting Team report on Nonstop
  • Matthew Derr Speaks to the Board
  • Nonstop Presents Proposal, AB Resolve to create Task Force
  • CRF Board Discuss Nonstop Finances
  • ProTem Board Member of the Week: Pavel Curtis
  • Nonstop Festival Week Digest
  • Alumni Interview: Gerry Bello ‘97
  • Op/Eds & Letters
  • Collegiality, Creativity and Fortitude, by Tim Klass ‘71
  • Exponentially More, by Lincoln Alpern ‘11
  • Nonstop is a Laboratory, by Andrew Oswald ‘92
  • Question of the Week
  • Declassifieds
  • From the Archives: Just a year ago…(Andrzej Bloch Letter)
  • Proposal and Resolution reaffirms Nonstop’s “Important Role”

    Mar 14th, 2009

    On March 6, 2009, the Antioch College Alumni Association received a document titled the “Nonstop Antioch Proposal to the Antioch College Alumni Board.” This document asked the Alumni Board to collaborate with the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute in “the reintegration of Nonstop into Antioch College” through the development of a proposal to be presented to the Antioch College Board of Trustees Pro Tempore.
    Download the March 6 Document [205 kb]

    On March 7, 2009, the Antioch College Alumni Board passed a resolution reaffirming Nonstop’s “important role in our movement to develop an independent Antioch College.” The resolution created a task-force “to develop the proposal presented by Nonstop to this Board yesterday [March 6] for presentation to the Board Pro Tem.”

    The full transcribed Antioch College Alumni Board resolution of March 7, 2009 states the following:

    In the spirit of building from the movement toward an independent Antioch College that the Alumni Board has been trying to advance;

    In the hope of strengthening the united movement that has informed the Alumni Board’s creation of 3 separate entities; one for finance, CRF; one for academics, Nonstop; one for governance,the Board Pro Tem;

    The Alumni Board establishes a task-force to foster collaboration and to build consensus with representatives of the key stakeholder groups who have played such an important role in our movement to develop an independent Antioch College; Nonstop, the Board Pro Tem, and the Alumni Board;

    The task-force is charged to develop the proposal presented by Nonstop to this Board yesterday [March 6] for presentation to the Board Pro Tem.

    Transcribed from:
    College Revival Fund Board meeting open session-March 7, 2009
    By Horace | March 7, 2009
    [Note this quote occurs at the 6:30-7:30 minute marks of this audio file]

    March 3 Issue of the Nonstop Record

    Mar 3rd, 2009

    In This Issue: Edited by Jeanne Kay

  • -Toxic Talk: Steve Lawry’s Culture War

  • -ProTem Board Convene in Yellow Springs

  • -Nonstop Presentation to ProTem Board

  • -Drying of Main Campus Continues as Local Petition Moves Ahead

  • -Interview with Lee Morgan and Matthew Derr

  • -Back and Forth between Theory and Practice: Womyn’s studies in Europe

  • -Campus South: Virtual Tour of the Nonstop Dorms

  • -Fashion Column: Undead Prom

  • -Question of the Week

  • -Declassifieds

  • -Media Feature: Transient-Mode: Home