Nonstop Student Orientation Sept. 4-7

Aug 29th, 2008

Nonstop student orientation will be a fun and informative weekend for all! Please view the full schedule.

Nonstop Classes to Begin September 8th

Aug 28th, 2008

Nonstop is about to begin its first semester! We are going to continue the long tradition of liberal arts education here in Yellow Springs, Ohio. We are doing this because, as Horace Mann said, “Every addition to true knowledge is an addition to human power.”

This past year has been full of challenges. The closing of our beloved Antioch College has made many of us angry and discouraged. But now, we celebrate the fact that in less than two weeks, students and faculty will be sitting down together in houses, cafes, churches and community centers. Students will study art and anthropology and chemistry and jazz. They’ll practice journalism and art and dance with our top-notch faculty in an immersive environment of intellectual curiosity and academic rigor. They’ll become better community members by studying local economics and environmental sustainability.

Already, we’ve all become better citizens by standing up and saying, “We must continue our tradition of academic freedom and innovation. We can’t stop, and we won’t stop!” And when we get our college back next year, think of the pride we’ll feel! Nonstop not only carries on Antioch’s tradition of learning, but reinvigorates it. This experiment takes our classrooms out into the world and into uncharted territory. It has brought alumni from around the world back into our community and has garnered strong support from important academics across the country. We can think of no better way to express the Antioch spirit than through Nonstop. And through Nonstop, we’ll all be ready when it’s finally time to go home.

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NS Dispatch 1

Aug 27th, 2008

The Rude Mechanical Orchestra (RMO) gathered with scores of Nonstop supporters in downtown Yellow Springs to celebrate the start of the institute’s first semester.

Credit at Nonstop

Aug 21st, 2008

By Jill Becker, Nonstop Faculty — Letter to the Yellow Springs News

The subject of credit has been coming up a lot recently in conversations. People that I know and respect have said to me, as a faculty member with the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute, “How can you charge money when you don’t even offer credit?” as if to say, “How can you charge for dental work, when you don’t do dental work?” Credit is a known currency. It needs to be earned and, at the same time, it costs money.

Throughout my teaching career at Antioch College and other institutions, I have had discussions with students about whether or not they could still get credit when they had fallen behind in class. When the education gets reduced to whether or not someone can get credit, I feel a bit queasy. Former Antioch Professor Ann Filemyr would tell students who had fallen behind that they could still come to class for the educational experience, even though they would not be able to get credit.

I have also had many students at Antioch College audit classes, when their required classes fill up all of the credits that they are able to take, but they still wanted to be in dance class. It was a valued part of their education, with or without credit.

The faculty of Nonstop would very much like to be offer classes for credit in our upcoming semester, but we can not do so right now. Some nearby institutions have expressed an interest in letting Nonstop classes become accredited, on an interim basis, through their institution. That will not be in place for this fall. We will be offering classes that follow the guidelines of credit bearing classes, where a 3 credit class has 3 hours of “seat” time for the requisite number of weeks. The degree of difficulty and the expectation of student effort and workload will be the equivalent of a college course. We want to be sure that our students can demonstrate, through portfolios, that they have done the work equivalent of a 3 credit course if they choose to transfer into another college or enroll at the future Antioch College.

We would also love to offer our courses free of charge. The faculty and staff of the NLAI are being funded largely by the Antioch College Alumni Association. These alumni want to keep the faculty here in the hopes of reopening Antioch College in the near future. The community has been supportive of the effort as well, with low cost spaces offered in area churches and free space in people’s homes. At the same time, we do need to pay the bills: office and classroom rent, utilities, insurance, etc…the usual. There are some scholarships available, and the Nonstop community is committed to making this education available. No interested student will be turned away.

Our essential goal at the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute is to offer a rich curriculum with a high level of intellectual and creative engagement. Classes will be small with room for students to work with each other and the teachers in exploring ideas while developing a personal voice. There will be an emphasis on integrated and experiential learning. At the end of each course, students will receive written evaluations of course work. Student experience will go on resumes to show the range of study and competencies achieved. For several years, many kinds of life experience have been converted into college credit when applicants are accepted into educational institutions. Noncredit bearing experience is also factored in when seeking employment. Employers want to know what the applicant can do, how well can s/he think, speak, write, dance, We can not offer credit now, but we do offer dental work.

Jill Becker, Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute

Speaking as an individual faculty member

Fall Academic Open House — August 21, 2008

Aug 17th, 2008

On Thursday August 21 at 7:30 p.m. the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute will present a Fall Academic Open House at the John Bryan Center gymnasium, 100 Dayton Street in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  This event is free and open to all.

Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute, founded by the former faculty of Antioch College, offers open-source post-secondary educational experience for learners dedicated to innovation, social responsibility and community involvement, both locally and globally. Pursued as an alternative door into higher education or as a means of continuing life-learning interests, Nonstop provides participants with an exciting program of courses, study groups and workshops. The Institute will also host Nonstop Presents!, a semester-long festival of public lectures, films, exhibitions and performances.

The Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute (Nonstop) and Nonstop Antioch (the movement to organize former faculty, staff, students and alumni of Antioch College to keep its soul alive and operating in Yellow Springs), which works closely with Nonstop, are not affiliated with or sponsored by Antioch University or any of the Antioch University campuses or related organizations.

Although Nonstop courses are not currently accredited, their structures and requirements adhere to national crediting standards. Students will maintain Learning Portfolios documenting each course and providing a future opportunity to petition accredited institutions to accept Nonstop Faculty-evaluated course work as transfer credit.

The Institute will offer a wide range of classes in many different disciplines, including anthropology, art, chemistry, communications, dance, journalism, philosophy, theater, political science, and writing. Courses and special events will be scheduled throughout the week with some offerings in the evenings and on Saturdays. At the Open House attendees will be able to interact with faculty one-on-one and receive copies of the course syllabi.  There will also be tables set up for people to pre-register for classes, donate to Nonstop Antioch, offer housing or jobs for students, and share expertise.

Update From Chris Hill to Alumni Chapters

Aug 17th, 2008

Why Support Nonstop Now

Greetings to you all from the Nonstop faculty and staff, working through the summer on preparations for Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute in Yellow Springs, with classes starting September 4.

We’ve recently rented a modest and friendly house at 113 E. Davis St. near the Yellow Springs Public Library that is now the Nonstop headquarters. Our landlord Eric Clark, whose father worked for the Big Olive for many years, answered our posted request for spaces, and we are pleased to have found such a welcoming home. Come visit us when you’re in Yellow Springs. Just this week we have been joined by staff that includes very knowledgeable Main Building administrative personnel along with inspiring folks from student services, and clever, dedicated alums working with IT and student recruitment. We will continue to update you on our curriculum, events, and organizational progress.

Beyond the news brief, I want to take this opportunity to examine more broadly what we, the Executive Collective and former Antioch College faculty, hope to accomplish through the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute this coming year, and how Nonstop can actively contribute to the timely and vital return of Antioch College. After a traumatic year for all of us here in Yellow Springs–those of us formerly employed by the College as well as Yellow Springs villagers–we remain committed to the revitalization of the College and understand that such a goal will require ongoing and creative efforts on multiple fronts. continue reading » »

Community Day — This Friday, August 15, 2008

Aug 14th, 2008

Once each term, one day is reserved to celebrate our Community. We cancel classes and other regular schedule items to come together to work and play. Everyone is welcome to participate in Community Day activities. We look forward to seeing you!

9:00am – Community Gardening This is the beginning of Nonstop Community Gardens – a place to grow food and flowers, to work and enjoy! Bring your work gloves, rakes and spades to 113 E. Davis Street where we need help weeding, planting flowers, and sprucing up the yards. Feel free to bring a plant or a pot to donate, too!

11:30am – Nonstop Diversity Committee Workshop The Diversity Committee lead a workshop/discussion on how we can make the Nonstop Community an inclusive one.

12:30pm – Lunch provided by Nonstop Community Government Come by 113 E. Davis Street for a bite and test your knowledge of higher education in Yellow Springs with a bit of trivia. Good food and conversation awaits!

2:30pm – Community Council (ComCil) Community Council (ComCil for short) hosts an open meeting where everyone can contribute to discussions regarding the social, cultural, political and community life at Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute. This is your chance to have a voice in important decisions in the Nonstop Community!

4:30pm – Nonstop Social Gathering Come by Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute Headquarters (113 E. Davis Street, Yellow Springs, OH) to chat, play a board game, meet Nonstoppers and hang out.

10:00pm – “Communitinis” at the Sunrise Cafe After a long day of Nonstop fun, relax with a “Communitini”, a soda or snack at the Sunrise Cafe, a popular local restaurant!

Prominent academics call for the reopening of college

Aug 14th, 2008

By Diane Chiddister, Yellow Springs News — read the original article here.

More than 1,480 academics from liberal arts faculties and state and private universities around the country have signed a petition expressing their support for the efforts of the Antioch College alumni and faculty to save the college.

“Alumni, faculty and staff have made great efforts, intellectual and financial, for Antioch College to continue,” said James Engell, chair of the English Department at Harvard University. “Where such passion and commitment exist, everyone in higher education should support the undertaking.”
The petition has been circulating for the past month, according to Iveta Jusova, who directs the Women and Gender Studies program in Europe for Antioch Education Abroad, or AEA, and is one of the organizers of the effort. According to Jusova, the petition is being circulated by former college faculty and college alumni.

Many who signed cited the Antioch College closure as symptomatic of what they perceive as a disturbing trend toward a corporate, top/down model of higher education and away from the model of academic freedom and critical thought ensured by a tenured faculty.

“Tenure protects what is the lifeblood of education: freedom of thought and speech. That is why corporate managers like those running Antioch University have tried to eradicate it and why the restoration of tenure throughout Antioch is a key part of reestablishing a free and healthy college,” said Paul Lauter, the Allan K. and Gwendolyn Miles Smith professor of literature at Trinity College.

Some signatories cited Antioch College as a “national treasure that is not just another liberal arts college,” according to Jusova. According to Marilyn Johnston-Parsons, professor at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, “More than ever, education in the United States needs the example of Antioch College’s tradition of progressive education and social justice orientation.”

Those who signed included well-known scholars such as Michael Apple, Alex Callinicos, Judith Butler, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Judith Halberstam, Michael Hardt, Peter McLaren and Andrew Ross. Signers are calling on the Antioch University Board of Trustees to “live up to their recently stated intention of transferring the college to the alumni association, who would then work to re-open it as an autonomous progressive residential liberal arts college, with its tradition of tenure and unionized labor intact,” according to a press statement released last week.

The petition also applauds the effort of former Antioch College faculty, staff and students in creating the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute, which seeks to continue the traditions and values of Antioch in the village, now that the campus has closed.

Community Meeting

Aug 8th, 2008

Lee Morgan and Matthew Derr, the Antioch alumni representatives on the Task Force discuss the transition from Nonstop to a revived Antioch College.

Direct link to mp3 here

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